Jun 10, 2013


It's summertime in this house for sure!  Lot's of swimming going on.......the smell of chlorine and sun screen is always in the air here!  Lot's of tan skin in this house.....except me of course!  I'm the only "whitie" in the house!!!  :)

Emily and Vensly started swimming lessons today and by the end of their first ONE hour lesson Vensly was swimming on his own!  Amazing!  Emily decided to pitch one of her fits for the first 20 minutes so she is behind her brother!  She finally got into the swing of things after about thirty minutes.

I didn't take a picture of them.....I will do that tomorrow for sure!

Taylor is working for his Dad this summer so he's gone each morning by 7:30.  Kind of sad not to see him that much this summer but glad he is learning responsibility!  I still can't believe that his childhood is almost over.....he's have to learn "real world" things and he's not my little boy anymore!

Marc is coming home tomorrow from his annual motorcycle trip with my brother and my uncle!  I did get to go spend one night there with him and it was so nice to get up and spend time on the back porch at the farm listening to the sounds of the goats and chickens and just be with hubby in the Word and praying!
I wish we lived in Fredericksburg.  The hill country is so beautiful!

My in laws are coming in this weekend again and we are going to celebrate Father's Day by grilling out and swimming!  I am planning a big menu!  I will share it tomorrow when I get it all complete!

I hope you guys all have a great week!

God Bless!!!!

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