Jun 25, 2013

Living the "Simple Life"........

Marc and I have been doing a LOT of praying, searching and thinking about what we want for our family.  We do have clarity that God is wanting us to be simple......so simple that we can give more, help the needy, and do God's work with what we have!  The steps we are to take to get there, we aren't sure yet, but over the last few months God has really changed my ways of thinking.

Want an example?  I went from packing up this beautiful house in March to move into a BIGGER even more beautiful house and thinking about how my car was getting old.  It was right before we were supposed to close that He showed us very clearly that we were not supposed to move and it was right around then that my hubby got my car detailed out and cleaned like it was brand new that made me see that my car is fine.....actually that my car is better than fine....it was paid for!

We have even talked about in a year selling our house and moving to some acreage with an old small farmhouse and adding on if needed.  Something so simple and something that can be paid for!
We would love to buy a historical home and have it moved to some acreage.  Something like this......

Can you just see a HUGE wrap around porch added to this house?  This is a house for sale in another state that can be moved onto your property!  WOW!

My dream would be for hubby to quit the rat race of the corporate world that he's in right now.  What would he do?  I don't know......a farmer maybe???  LOL!  I think he would be a great farmer!
I wish I had the means and sanity to home school my kids......and DO IT RIGHT!!!  With the right helpers and a good nanny!!!  LOL!  OK....maybe that is not meant for us.  I would love to live in a small country town where the schools were safe and the teachers we all Christians!  Perfect world huh?

Stay tuned later for pictures of our trip to the country to see Mamaw and Papaw!  The kids had an amazing time.  The played on the water slide, rode ATVs, ate fried chicken, had a picnic, fed birds and bunnies, and we even picked and shucked our own corn from the garden!
Now THAT is the simple life!


Christy said...

Sounds wonderful! I love that house! I dream of a simpler life too. Can't wait to see how your dreams unfold. :)

Hoots Momma said...

i'm right there with ya sister!