Jun 26, 2013

Fishers of Men......

Did you know we are all called to be "Fishers of Men"?  What does that mean?  It means the Bible says that we are all to be actively seeking men or women that are not following Christ and telling them  about Him and what He can do for your life!  Everything we do should be for Him!

We are to put Christ above everything......our spouse, our children, our job.....nothing should come before Him.

Do we do that?  No.  Do I do that?  No.  I am trying to figure out how to do that!
We are told that if we "ask Jesus into our heart", walk the isle at church, fill out a card, etc.....that we are "Saved!"  There is NO WAY it is that easy!  NO WAY!  (IMO)
We can go to church every Sunday, help where needed, lead Bible Studies, but if we never REALLY get to know Him then how can we say we are a follower of Christ?
Think about what Christ did for us on the cross.  I mean REALLY think about the suffering and eventual death that he endured for YOU AND ME!  That is HUGE!  How can we not want to know everything about Him!  I mean everything!  How can we not read and study what He wants for each of us......how can we not go out and fish for men and tell them of this great God we have!?

That is a statement that has REALLY struck me!  I read it every day!  I want my life to intrigue others because then that would mean that I am truly following Christ!

My husband is a really hard worker and we are very blessed but lately I have felt like God is telling me that we are not supposed to use that money for "worldly" things, like cars, houses, fancy vacations, etc......we are to give it away!  I'm talking live on as little as possible and give away the rest!  How about give 90% and only live on 10%?

Think about all the lives we could change......all the people that could be given a second chance or get that help that they really need!

I am praying every day that The Lord show me and teach me how to be a "fisher of men" for Him.  I know it's not going to be easy and I know it's going to be uncomfortable at times but how could I not do that for the One that died for me and you!

God Bless!!!!!

Jun 25, 2013

Living the "Simple Life"........

Marc and I have been doing a LOT of praying, searching and thinking about what we want for our family.  We do have clarity that God is wanting us to be simple......so simple that we can give more, help the needy, and do God's work with what we have!  The steps we are to take to get there, we aren't sure yet, but over the last few months God has really changed my ways of thinking.

Want an example?  I went from packing up this beautiful house in March to move into a BIGGER even more beautiful house and thinking about how my car was getting old.  It was right before we were supposed to close that He showed us very clearly that we were not supposed to move and it was right around then that my hubby got my car detailed out and cleaned like it was brand new that made me see that my car is fine.....actually that my car is better than fine....it was paid for!

We have even talked about in a year selling our house and moving to some acreage with an old small farmhouse and adding on if needed.  Something so simple and something that can be paid for!
We would love to buy a historical home and have it moved to some acreage.  Something like this......

Can you just see a HUGE wrap around porch added to this house?  This is a house for sale in another state that can be moved onto your property!  WOW!

My dream would be for hubby to quit the rat race of the corporate world that he's in right now.  What would he do?  I don't know......a farmer maybe???  LOL!  I think he would be a great farmer!
I wish I had the means and sanity to home school my kids......and DO IT RIGHT!!!  With the right helpers and a good nanny!!!  LOL!  OK....maybe that is not meant for us.  I would love to live in a small country town where the schools were safe and the teachers we all Christians!  Perfect world huh?

Stay tuned later for pictures of our trip to the country to see Mamaw and Papaw!  The kids had an amazing time.  The played on the water slide, rode ATVs, ate fried chicken, had a picnic, fed birds and bunnies, and we even picked and shucked our own corn from the garden!
Now THAT is the simple life!

Jun 10, 2013


It's summertime in this house for sure!  Lot's of swimming going on.......the smell of chlorine and sun screen is always in the air here!  Lot's of tan skin in this house.....except me of course!  I'm the only "whitie" in the house!!!  :)

Emily and Vensly started swimming lessons today and by the end of their first ONE hour lesson Vensly was swimming on his own!  Amazing!  Emily decided to pitch one of her fits for the first 20 minutes so she is behind her brother!  She finally got into the swing of things after about thirty minutes.

I didn't take a picture of them.....I will do that tomorrow for sure!

Taylor is working for his Dad this summer so he's gone each morning by 7:30.  Kind of sad not to see him that much this summer but glad he is learning responsibility!  I still can't believe that his childhood is almost over.....he's have to learn "real world" things and he's not my little boy anymore!

Marc is coming home tomorrow from his annual motorcycle trip with my brother and my uncle!  I did get to go spend one night there with him and it was so nice to get up and spend time on the back porch at the farm listening to the sounds of the goats and chickens and just be with hubby in the Word and praying!
I wish we lived in Fredericksburg.  The hill country is so beautiful!

My in laws are coming in this weekend again and we are going to celebrate Father's Day by grilling out and swimming!  I am planning a big menu!  I will share it tomorrow when I get it all complete!

I hope you guys all have a great week!

God Bless!!!!

Jun 7, 2013

Fiesta Like There is No Mañana!!!!! Vensly's 4th Birthday!!!!

I did it!

This morning we got up EARLY again and did our study together.....we had a really good discussion.  My hubby is so Bible smart!  He seems to be able to answer any question I have about who is who and who did what in the Bible.  I am so impressed!  :)
I love that about him!!!!

But when I say I did it.....I PRAYED OVER US THIS MORNING....OUT LOUD.....JUST HUBBY AND ME!  I was so nervous, which is so weird because we have been married 19 years and together 21!  I haven't been nervous around him in a long time!  But you know what?  I did great!  You don't even know how long I have waited to do this and how long I have prayed for this!

I laugh because it seems that no matter how early we get up after five minutes into our study we hear little feet coming down the stairs!  Oh well.....as Marc says.....it's good that they see us reading our Bible and praying together!

I wanted to just share a few things this week that I have read or heard that have stuck out to me......

"Your life should look so different that others are intrigued." -Francis Chan

"Every morning this week that I have pulled into work before I get out of my truck I pray this.....Lord use me today for your Kingdom."  -Marc Estes

What would this world look like if women that are Christians would stand up in boldness?  -Frankie Sherman

You calling will be found in your quiet time with God.  -Michelle Carlson

Don't have one foot in the world and one with God......it won't work!  -unknown

I will leave you with this precious picture of Emmie and her sweet cousin Ollie Kae.......oh the innocence of children!

Jun 6, 2013

The Couple that PRAYS Together Stays Together!

This morning was mine and hubby's first time get up before the birds and study our Bible together and best of all.....PRAY together!  We have always said a blessing before dinner but it's usually one of our kids that say it or each of them take turns!  But this morning after we finished our daily lesson in our Follow Me study Marc prayed for us!  I have waited and prayed consistently for the last year for this to happen and today was that day!  GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!

I am excited about our future together as today we grew spiritually a little more as a couple and each day it will be more and more as we get to know God better and His plan for our life!

We (meaning hubby and I) often wonder what God is doing in our life......what it is He truly wants us to be doing.  We have even wondered if He wants us to sell it all and move somewhere to help others.  That is a scary thought......one that would be very out of our comfort zone but sometimes we are called to be uncomfortable aren't we?

I haven't read many blogs lately and yesterday took some time to catch up on some of my favorites and this was one that I read......

Wow.....to be that obedient to follow His calling on your life like this couple did!

Read here.......