Apr 25, 2013

Thursday Thoughts.......

Thursday Thoughts

I am linking up with Jennifer @ Ramblings of a Suburban Mom today and just sharing my thoughts for today!

Here goes.....

I am thinking to myself what a long weekend it's going to be....hubby is turkey hunting this weekend so I'm doing the single mom thing!  Pray for me!

I'm thinking right now that I am so glad it's already 5:30....I am about to feed this crew of mine, bathe them, and put them to bed then this momma is turning it in early!

On a more serious note.....I have been thinking a lot lately about getting off of facebook all together.  I have felt so convicted over the time I spend on there for a LONG time!  I don't want to give up my blog as I feel like I can hopefully reach people in a good way through my blog.......I hope the Lord continues to give me things to write about!   
To take it slow I have taken the app off of my phone so that I am not checking it every two minutes.  Really?  Am I really missing anything important?  NO!

I have thought about and prayed a lot lately about God's will for my life.....not His will for me as a mother or a wife but ME....what should I be doing for his kingdom?  I think he is slowly revealing it to me!  One day if I can come up the right words without you thinking I am a weirdo I will you tell you guys some of the changes I have made just with myself!  The first one is not trading my time with Him for time on the computer, or television or time doing things that really do not matter!

I have also been consumed lately with my oldest son almost finishing his junior year and becoming a senior!  I will literally blink and he will be out of school.  He will be a man.....beginning the work of college to prepare for a real job!  Then having a career and making a living for himself and one day a wife and family! 
My prayer for him is that he knows without a doubt that he can do whatever he sets his mind to.  I pray that he is a hard worker and a blessing to the company he works for or maybe he will have that entrepreneur spirit like his dad!  I pray that God is preparing his wife right now to love my boy the way He intended her to and that God is preparing my boy to be the husband God intended.  The thought of all that makes me smile but also brings tears to my eyes as it seems just like yesterday I was rocking him to sleep!

Apr 1, 2013

Weekly Menu.....

Monday- Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings, green beans and salad

Tuesday- Date night with hubby!  Kids will have spaghetti!

Wednesday- Italian Shrimp with pasta, french bread and salad.

Thursday- Chicken Alfredo, Cesear Salad and garlic bread.

Friday- LADIES RETREAT WITH MY GIRL'S!  I can't wait....this is my first ever ladies retreat since coming to Second about six years ago!

Saturday- Ladies retreat!

Sunday- Small Group....Pizza!