Mar 4, 2013


We signed the contract today and have officially sold our house!  (there is a 10 day back out period so maybe officially isn't the word!)
I felt a little sad signing all those papers.  This house holds a lot of memories and represented a new beginning!  After Marc and I went through a hard time in our marriage and decided that we were not going to divorce we decided on a new start and this house was the first of those changes!  I love this house....I have since the day we walked into it!  I KNOW that God sent us here.....this is where we met our best friends, who later moved away, but it's in this house that we formed a friendship that is more like family!  (they know who they are!)  It's in this house that we brought home our baby girl.....another gift from God......a gift from God for us working so hard to put our marriage back together and putting Him first!  I love her pink room!  It's this house that is Vensly's first home ever!  I am happy that in our new home he will have his first room ever!  He is so excited to have his own room....ALL HIS!
It's this house that we have had many small group meetings and many prayers have been said here!  The couple that is buying it are a young couple that will be getting married this summer and I hope and pray this house makes them as happy as it made us!

I can't wait to show you our new house......there isn't much that has to be done once we move in but you know me.....I'll find a few things!!!  The first thing I will do is paint the cabinets in the kitchen.....I want it to look like my kitchen now.  I can't wait to move in and get it all done!

This is what the kitchen looks like now!

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Sarah said...

That was fast!! Congratulations!