Feb 19, 2013

London, Oxford, Normandy and PARIS!

WOW!  That is what is on the itinerary for Taylor and his Dad this June!  Taylor and some friends from school attended their first SLU (Student Leadership University) event the summer after their freshman year.  The first was San Antonio and last year was Washington DC and now LONDON, OXFORD, NORMANDY, and PARIS!  Normally he goes with a friend's dad but this year Marc is going too!  I hope it's an amazing experience for them both!

Here is what is on their agenda:

• Sitting in Holy Trinity Church where C.S. Lewis was inspired to write the Chronicles of Narnia.
• Walking in the footsteps and reliving the D-Day Invasions at Normandy
• Walking through the halls of the Louvre, viewing works of art like the Mona Lisa and Winged Victory.
• Climbing to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral after a session in front of Hunt’s “Light of the World.”
• Hearing character studies at the graves of John Wesley and John Bunyan.
• Touring Westminster Abbey and seeing the graves of Wilberforce, Newton, Dickens and Darwin.
• Asking questions of the grandson of Winston Churchill.
• Contemplating the major decisions of your life in front of the Thinker at Rodin’s Sculpture Garden.
• Enjoying the breathtaking view from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

If you have a child just getting out of 9th grade you should REALLY check it out......

STUDENT LEADERSHIP UNIVERSITY!  (click to take you to the website!)

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Christy said...

That sounds awesome! What an amazing opportunity!