Feb 21, 2013

House Hunting and Selling, OH MY!

I told you guys before that we put our house on the market!  We are kind of like that.....we get it just like we want it then sell.  Actually, we've only done that twice!  :)

Ours is still for sale as the right buyer just hasn't come along YET!  I hope they do soon....I'm antsy to know we were are going to live next!
We have looked at EVERYTHING online that is for sale.  We have driven around and covered a lot of areas and we can't find one house we like!  At least not ones we can afford.  And that farm house I want is just not available here!  :(

We thought about buying a friends house this summer and then just backed off because the time wasn't right but we are certain now that it is!
We THINK we may have decided to go ahead and buy that house......it's so beautiful that I don't want to get to excited yet!  I have already decorated it in my head and looked at the pictures a hundred times.
Everyone will have their own bedroom and we will have plenty of storage!  A girl can dream can't she....maybe....just maybe this isn't a dream!  :)

Here is a sneak peek.......

I am going to wait to share the front of the house after it's a done deal.....if you know us Estes'.....we can change our mind daily!

Wouldn't that be a neat place to watch the sun rise and set!

Who wouldn't love that pool!


Jennifer said...

Love that pool!!!! Fingers crossed it all works out!!

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

Christy said...

You're killing me! ;)

Lakisha Zimmerer said...

I totally love the pool! If I happen to see a house with this kind of pool when we’re house hunting, I would definitely not have any second thoughts to buy it. I love having a spacious backyard with a beautiful landscape of the garden and pool area. You gotta pick this house! ->Lakisha Zimmerer