Feb 22, 2013

Flashback Friday......

These are just some random favorite pictures of mine!  I love to go through old pictures and remember the good times that went along with them!  Enjoy!!!!

This one is really old but one of my favorite pictures ever!  This is me with my little brother on his wedding day!
You can see his wife and her little brother in the background!

Me and Emily going shopping together!

Getting to go backstage last year at the Lady A concert to hug our friend Hillary's neck!  The kids were so excited to get to meet her!  She is as sweet as she is beautiful!

One of our many trips to the Farmer's Market last year while homeschooling!

Hubby with the Easter Bunny at the event for his run for Constable!

My kids love to play kissie face!!!!

Taylor's 16 birthday celebration!!!!!

Me, Taylor and Jared hit the big Apple this summer for Taylor's 16th!!!

Watching my babies sleep!  This was Vensly's third day home!!!

Our little island boy hated the snow!!!!!

Noah's Baptism Day!!!!!  What a proud day!!!!!!

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