Jan 19, 2013

Me, my two best friends, and Beth Moore!

What a perfect way to spend a Tuesday night!  My friends and I have started a Beth Moore study in Houston called  "Children of the Day".....a study of 1st and 2nd Thessalonians!  It is amazing!

I literally felt like she was speaking to me all night......I laughed some and cried some!  I prayed a lot and asked for forgiveness and I also did a lot of praising Him for the blessings in my life!

She used the illustration of three different kinds of believers......WE, YOU and THEY!

WE- The Effectual- consistently bearing fruit

YOU- The Affecting- on their way to being a WE....they are affecting others

THEY- The Affected- they are being affected and most of the time new believers or making their way back!

That is me!  I am a THEY!  I was sad to realize that but not surprised!  My two friends that were with me each represented the others.  Tracy is the WE....she knows the word!  She shares it, teaches it, reminds us what it says and lives it!   Laura is the YOU.....she has grown so much in her faith over the last year and is soaking it all in.....she is on her way to becoming and WE!  I loved that we were able to discuss that open and we each agreed about our roles.

Honestly, I have never been a WE.....I want to one day......I think that before I had 5 kids, two that are three years old, I was a YOU- actually affecting others but somewhere along the way I stopped!  I want to get there again! I pray I get there again!  I think Tuesday was the start of that!

"You can't become a WE without first being a YOU or a THEY! "

If you live in Houston and you read my blog I strongly encourage you to go Tuesday!  It's free....it's fun and I promise He will speak to you in some way!

Good night.....off to read my Bible.....can't become a YOU without soaking up His word!

The is me, Laura and Tracy!  I love these girls.....we laugh together, pray together and cry together!
God gave them to me at just the right time in my life!
(Don't we look tough.....we actually aren't!!!)

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