Jan 8, 2013

Just Jump......Praying for when!

For as long as my hubby and I have been married we have always wanted to live on some land in an old or "new that looks old" farmhouse!  This summer it almost happened but God seemed to put the breaks on it.  I LOVED the land it was on and the outside of the house!  (the inside needed a LOT of work!)  I pictured my kids running wide open, riding horses, shooting BB guns, playing hide and seek, or just laying in the grass!  I actually got teary eyed watching Emily and Vensly play together on the porch one day while the realtor was showing us the house for the hundredth time!
I was very sad the day we knew that we weren't meant to live there.  
Here is the beautiful house......I know someone will be very happy there one day!

I do, very often, wonder why this is always on mine and hubby's heart.  Where are we going to end up?  What does the future look like for our "little" family!  

I titled this "Just Jump" because of a blog I LOVE to check everyday and just yesterday I read her "about me" and it hit me like a ton of bricks!

Go read it here.  THISTLEWOOD FARMS

We talked about it tonight again......maybe one day we should "just jump" and move!  Move to a little town, in an old farmhouse, where to schools are little country schools, and there is one red light!  A place where hubby doesn't have to do the rat race of the corporate world.  A town like Carmine, where my mom lives or a town like Round Top or somewhere else beautiful!

It's so hard though when hubby's job is here......here in Houston.....where a bunch of people and their families count on him.....Where we are very blessed to be able to afford these five kids.....where we have a gorgeous house here.....and the best friends a couple could ever ask for!  I am very thankful for what God has given us but I also know he lays things on your heart for a reason and over time if it's His will He will work out the details.  

I am praying for the right time to "Just Jump!"


Christy said...

Me too. :)

Christy said...

OH. MY. GOODNESS! I just spent over an hour over at Thistlewood Farms! :)

thistlewoodfarm said...

Oh sweet friend! God has an awesome plan for your life and it is so amazing that you are waiting on him! There have been challenges along the way with our jump....but it has been such a total blessing!

Thank you for sharing your heart!