Jan 6, 2013

Happy New Year! It's 2013.....

Hello my sweet readers......if there are any left!  :)
So many great things happened in 2013....the best thing was our fourth and FINAL son came home from Haiti after being in the process for 2 years!
He has been home for 5 1/2 months and is doing great!  He totally speaks English and is going to school twice a week, sleeps well, eats me out of house and home and today pee-peed on the potty for the first time!  NO MORE DIAPERS.....I hope!  He has gained about 7 pounds since being home and is healthy and smart!!!!  We love this little guy.......
This was the day we brought him home!

This is him Christmas Eve!

I am so looking forward to this new year!  I feel like tomorrow really starts my new year as the kids are preparing to go back to school Tuesday morning but Emily and Vensly return tomorrow!

I didn't set any resolutions this year as I never seem to be able to follow through but of course I have some things I would love to do and some goals I would love to try to meet....one being the famous loose weight one!  Ugh!  STRUGGLE!
I did do a lot of thinking today after our preacher's sermon on hoarding and it made me think about what I hoard physically, mentally and spiritually!  

He said this statement......
YOU CAN'T CLEAN HOUSE UNTIL JESUS OWNS THE HOUSE!  WOW!  That is a powerful statement. 
 If you haven't realized he's not talking about hoarding "things" like you see on the show!  So, my goal this year is to "clean house".  I have so many things I hoard that hold me back from being the person God wants me to be.  
Worry, fear, guilt, shame, insecurity, disappointment, the list could go on.........

What are you hoarding?

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Christy said...

I don't want to talk about it. ;) I can't believe we missed this morning! We stayed up WAY too late, and slept right through the alarm. I'll have to catch the online sermon. Miss you!