Jan 28, 2013

A Sunday at Build a Bear!

Vensly has finally gotten the whole potty training thing DOWN!  Thank GOD!  I mean ALL of it!  After a few very yucky accidents he has gone about a week with dry pants and otherwise! :)  
I told him I would get him a surprise and since he has every hot wheel and motorcycle they make I decided to take them both to Build A Bear and THEY LOVED IT!  He was real sure what to do and just went with it.  He did however pick out a puppy from the minute he walked in....he knew that was the one he wanted.  Emmie picked a rainbow bear!  

It was so cute when the girl ask Vensly to kiss the heart before she put in in the puppy and he didn't understand her and walked forward to her and puckered up!!!!  He thought she said "Kiss HER!!!"  Poor baby!  

Jesse felt like he was to old for it so he got to go to the Lego store instead!  He looks kind of pitiful in the first picture though!  LOL!

Here is their first experience to Build a Bear in pictures........