Jan 28, 2013

A Sunday at Build a Bear!

Vensly has finally gotten the whole potty training thing DOWN!  Thank GOD!  I mean ALL of it!  After a few very yucky accidents he has gone about a week with dry pants and otherwise! :)  
I told him I would get him a surprise and since he has every hot wheel and motorcycle they make I decided to take them both to Build A Bear and THEY LOVED IT!  He was real sure what to do and just went with it.  He did however pick out a puppy from the minute he walked in....he knew that was the one he wanted.  Emmie picked a rainbow bear!  

It was so cute when the girl ask Vensly to kiss the heart before she put in in the puppy and he didn't understand her and walked forward to her and puckered up!!!!  He thought she said "Kiss HER!!!"  Poor baby!  

Jesse felt like he was to old for it so he got to go to the Lego store instead!  He looks kind of pitiful in the first picture though!  LOL!

Here is their first experience to Build a Bear in pictures........

Jan 25, 2013

Love Story and a new beginning.....

I was searching my blog for pictures of our house because WE LISTED OUR HOUSE last night!  Oh gosh!  I am not sure what we are going to do but we are ready to "Just Jump"!

Anyway, I came across this post and it made me smile....... CLICK HERE TO READ!!!!!!

I love that man with all my heart.  He drives me crazy sometimes, and makes me laugh until I cry.....I can't imagine my life without him!

Also, I am doing my first house.....I have had numerous people ask me to help them redecorate or decorate their house and I have never felt confident enough but I have decided to give it a try SO after I get permission and after her house is done I am hoping to share with you the transformation!  It was a gorgeous house before, but outdated as mine was, and now after just being painted yesterday is AMAZING!

I am also collecting things and furniture to start a booth at an antique mall somewhere.  There are two that I like and am going to check them out next week.  I am so excited to start this adventure and am hoping that one day it will lead to me having my own shop!

Jan 21, 2013


Here is the finished kitchen!  I loved how it turned out!  Thanks again Holly Mathis Interiors!
Click on her name to go to her website!  HOLLY MATHIS

(I tried to put the pictures in order but they showed up all out of order and I couldn't figure out how to fix it without starting over!)


Feel free to email or comment with any questions! 

Here are the before pics......CLICK HERE!  Hated those brown cabinets.......white makes me happy!

Edited to add:  I painted the cabinets myself with Annie Sloan Chalk paint in olde white!  It was a time consuming job but they turned out great!  I still have to wax them to seal them correctly.  I loved how they turned out!

Linking up to DIY Project Parade!

Lighting from Pottery Barn.  Table and chairs from Craigslist and I painted them with ASCP in chateaux gray and country gray!

Bar stools from World Market.

"E" mugs from Anthroplogie

Cabinets pulls were all bought off of Ebay!

Rug from Crate and Barrell

Jan 20, 2013

Weekly Menu.....

Sunday- Nachos, Cheese Dip, and Homemade Guacamole (I know....not very healthy but it sure was good!)

Monday- Lasagna, Ceasar's Salad, and french bread.

Tuesday- BETH MOORE!

Wednesday- Chicken Pot Pie with salad and parker house rolls.

Thursday- Cajun Stuffed Chicken, green beans and new potatoes.


Saturday- Not sure yet..........

Jan 19, 2013

Me, my two best friends, and Beth Moore!

What a perfect way to spend a Tuesday night!  My friends and I have started a Beth Moore study in Houston called  "Children of the Day".....a study of 1st and 2nd Thessalonians!  It is amazing!

I literally felt like she was speaking to me all night......I laughed some and cried some!  I prayed a lot and asked for forgiveness and I also did a lot of praising Him for the blessings in my life!

She used the illustration of three different kinds of believers......WE, YOU and THEY!

WE- The Effectual- consistently bearing fruit

YOU- The Affecting- on their way to being a WE....they are affecting others

THEY- The Affected- they are being affected and most of the time new believers or making their way back!

That is me!  I am a THEY!  I was sad to realize that but not surprised!  My two friends that were with me each represented the others.  Tracy is the WE....she knows the word!  She shares it, teaches it, reminds us what it says and lives it!   Laura is the YOU.....she has grown so much in her faith over the last year and is soaking it all in.....she is on her way to becoming and WE!  I loved that we were able to discuss that open and we each agreed about our roles.

Honestly, I have never been a WE.....I want to one day......I think that before I had 5 kids, two that are three years old, I was a YOU- actually affecting others but somewhere along the way I stopped!  I want to get there again! I pray I get there again!  I think Tuesday was the start of that!

"You can't become a WE without first being a YOU or a THEY! "

If you live in Houston and you read my blog I strongly encourage you to go Tuesday!  It's free....it's fun and I promise He will speak to you in some way!

Good night.....off to read my Bible.....can't become a YOU without soaking up His word!

The is me, Laura and Tracy!  I love these girls.....we laugh together, pray together and cry together!
God gave them to me at just the right time in my life!
(Don't we look tough.....we actually aren't!!!)

Jan 18, 2013

Bedroom Makeover.....in Progress!

I have never really decorated my room until now......after living here 4 years!  It still needs a few things......the main thing a headboard and that is being made!
I will also eventually change out all the lamps but these will do for now.  I really love how it's turning out.  I decided to keep the green walls for now so I tried to incorporate green with the grays and whites.  
I will add comments to each picture so identify where everything is from!  

table was given to me by my mom and the lamp is from Tuesday morning.

Curtains are from Ikea and were only $19.99 a window!

The green checked quilt is Pine Cone Hill and the gray one is Pottery Barn, the bird pillow and the floral ones are from Marshall's.  The sheet, white shams and gray Euro shams are from Pottery Barn too!

Close up of Ikea curtains!

Monogramming done by Pottery Barn......$7.  Cheaper to let them do it than to take it somewhere!  

Close up of throw pillows!

Nightstand I bought on Craigslist but am so upset that it smells like smoke! :(

Chairs given to me by my mom!  I will probably paint them white soon!

Basket from Marshall's!

Dresser done by Altar'd furniture!  This is a close up of the paint technique!

My new dresser and tv stand from Altar'd......they are great!  Look them up on Facebook......she is SO GOOD!
I love this cabinet and finally found the perfect place for it!

This cabinet was given to me by my Dad and Step mom.....hope they don't care I had to paint it another color!
I love it in my bedroom!  Oops....OUR bedroom!!!  Sorry hubby!

Anyway, I know I said I would share my kitchen and I will do that tonight after  I may sure it's clean!!!!