Nov 5, 2012

The New Me! Gritty Goddess......

So today started my second set of sessions with my workout partner and our personal trainer.  We have bumped it up to three days a week now!  We did a weigh in and measurements.  I was pleased that I lost 6 inches in my hips in 11 weeks!  I lost three in my waist......and 4 in my thighs!  I didn't do well on my eating this weekend so my I showed weight gain today but over all I have lost about 10lbs.
I am happy happy happy but will be even happier once I hit my goal!  40lbs more to go!!!!

I also did my first obstacle mud run this weekend with my girlfriends and it was so much fun!  It for sure won't be my last!  Here are some pictures of our weekend!
It was one of my favorite weekends ever!!!!  I love these girls!!!!

The whole team!!!!  About to begin!!!!
Before the big race!  Me and my BFF's!!!

I finished and didn't skip any obstacles!

Me and my accountablility partner, workout partner and best friend!


Me and my sweet best friend Tracy!