Oct 10, 2012

It's all looking new again!

Lots of people have been asking to see what I have done so far!  Well here is some of it!  It's far from being finished but I am in LOVE with my house so far.  
A great BIG huge thank you to the sweet and very talented HOLLY MATHIS!

These pictures might be random as blogger was acting really weird for me tonight!  

I painted all my cabinets white with Annie Sloan old White!
I still need to wax them and add pulls!

I was told that adding big and most of the time OLD cutting boards is a good way to cover your back splash
if you don't like it!  

These are the best Ikea baskets ever!  They come in many sizes and are cheap!

My goodwill lamp and PB shade that I got for $9.

My olive bucket that I haven't decided what to put in it yet!
Also, a glimpse into the dining room that will be the last to be finished!

Holly bought these little hooks in Round Top!  I love the green!
The basket is full of toys!

Im not sure if these book wreaths look good here or not?  I know my momma will tell me if they don't!

My sweet little lamp that I love!  

Holly sells these topiaries and we put them in a few places and I love them!
Pottery Barn lantern!  LOVE IT!
I love these bottles that Holly bought....I would have never bought these
on my own!  Glad she did!

The bookcase turned out great!

The Aiden Console table that matches my bar stools.  

Goodwill find with a bird nest underneath!

My favorite topiaries of all of them.

My "Us" letters that Holly bought.....I love them and the colors!

So glad I got to keep my Altar'd table!

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Chad and Whitney said...

Looks good enough to put on the market and sell! Come on you know you want to! Nashville is loudly whispering your name! We could get in SOOO much trouble overhear!!