Sep 9, 2012

Kitchen Redo.....Before!

UPDATE:  I wanted to add that I met a precious, very talented decorator at a blogger luncheon about a year ago and she is going to help me redo my kitchen!  Her name is Holly and you should just see some of her work....amazing!  I can't wait for my kitchen to be added to that list!  

These are all before pictures of my kitchen!  I am about to do a total kitchen makeover....without any redoing any MAJOR things....I will keep all appliances, flooring, counters and cabinets.  A big thank you to Holly (I will post her blog and website after getting her permission!) for sharing her amazing decorating talents with the world!  Stayed tuned in the near future for the afters......

I love my table and chairs but would like the rest of the kitchen to match!

SO sick of these window treatments!!!

Would like new bar stools but not sure what.  Maybe match the table and chairs?

My husband still loves the faux exposed brick.....I am wondering if it is totally out of style?

I would like new accessories for the bar area!   I LOVE birds but hate that lamp shade now!!!
I know I need to get rid of the "family" thing and the chickens!    I don't have a lot of room from the top of my cabinets to the ceiling but would love to have idea of what to put up there if anything at all?

I do LOVE my black door to my laundry!

This picture is really accurate as far as the color of the cabinets and walls.

I love the island....I painted it with Annie Sloan paint but it needs something.  Maybe pulls?  

I thought I would paint the bottoms of my cabinets the green color and the tops  an off white but after painting the one cabinet I am not so sure about how it looks?  I know I don't want brown cabinets anymore!!!!

I think I for sure need to take the stuff down from top of the refrigerator!  Right????

Another pretty good view of some of the kitchen!

View into the breakfast area.

Going into the hall for the pantry and laundry room.

In the corner by the breakfast table.

Some pictures of the faux exposed brick...this is on the bar.

My pantry doors.

These were taken with my cell phone so they are terrible quality!

I can't wait to see what all is suggested I do to get my beautiful kitchen makeover!  Thank you Holly!!!!

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Christy said...

I like the white for the top of the cabinets, but not sure about the green, and I LOVE green. Maybe the color didn't come through good on the photo?? Or maybe do a pickling instead of paint on the bottom?? Just a thought. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I know it will be great. :)