Sep 10, 2012

I think I'm FINALLY doing this.....

This whole weight loss and lifestyle change thing!  It has been four weeks since I have started working out with a trainer and I am entering my third week of eating good.....making better choices and not any fast food.  I have chick fil a but I only have a grilled chicken sandwich and no fries and definitely not their yummy best in the world EVER sweet tea!!!!!  I miss their sweet tea!!!!
I have lost two inches in the places that matter and 5lbs.  Not as many pounds as I would like but I'll take it!
I have been working out with a trainer doing yoga and strength training and then cardio the other three to four days a week.  I take one day off of any exercises at all!  I really don't give myself a "eat anything I want day" yet as I have to much weight to loose.  I do allow myself some calories to have a cookie or an ice cream.  I'm still learning what healthier snack choices are.  I still drink a diet DP in the morning to keep from getting a headache and sometimes one in the evening but other than that it's water!  When I don't drink water I feel like I don't loose.  I just feel better when I have had a lot of water for the day!
I have tried jogging and do pretty well at it and actually like it.....I don't exactly love it while I am doing it but I LOVE how I feel after my run is over!  I have developed horrible shin splints though and they are SO painful....I PRAY that somehow they get better and I can actually become a runner.  I am going to a chiropractor soon to have them checked.  My biggest fear is that they are going to tell me to rest and no more working out for a while!  I pray to God that doesn't happen!
I'm not going to lie and say this is not the hardest thing I have ever done.  It's frustrating but also can be fun and rewarding.  I want to reach my goal weight like tomorrow!  I know that's not realistic......two pounds a week is a healthy weight loss.
I have 40 lbs to loose and when I reach that goal I will post all my measurements and starting weight!

I will check in again in 4 weeks with more progress!

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