Sep 20, 2012

I often wonder.....

what I did to deserve the life that I have been given!  This evening I went grocery shopping.....the kind you do when you haven't been to the store in two weeks.  I have five kids that love to eat so this was some major grocery shopping!  Anyway, I had so much that a lady that also sacked the groceries had to take my groceries out to the car and help me load it all up.  She was a very nice lady but looked kind of she had worked hard all of her life.  I asked her if she ever got scared out in the parking lot especially at night and she said "No, not really but I am not from here so I really don't know if I should be?"  Then she proceeded to say that her and her sister both work nights and that her sister had to take the car tonight so she has to ride her bike home and that sometimes she gets scared but no one has ever really messed with her.  She then said....."Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do".  I said "yes, you do....have a good night and be safe!" 
I got in my car and suddenly felt very grateful and very guilty all at the same time.  I'm not sure if I have ever had to "do what you gotta do".  Im not saying that Marc and I haven't had hard times but even during those times we didn't struggle the way some do.  I can't imagine riding a bike to work.  I felt so sorry for her.  I pray that God blesses her somehow tonight!  Maybe it will be with someone's words to her or a ride home!  I just pray for God's hand on her life as she travels home from work!  I also thank God for my hubby that works so hard each day to provide for not only himself but 6 others! 

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Hope Rhodes said...

Influence...Isn't it amazing how someone like her can influence your life! She may have it hard but she impacted you more than she will ever know. I love appointments like that. God uses those moments to show you what is important in life. Praying the Lord's hand is upon her.