Sep 30, 2012

Amazing Gray.....

My walls are all a beautiful "amazing gray" and I love it!  My dining room is now palladian blue and is bright, cheery and I can't wait to get it all put back together.
Hubby was busy today hanging curtains for five windows and some other little things.  What a difference new paint and new drapes can make!  The decorator that is helping me is coming this Thursday to help me arrange furniture and I will be taking TONS of notes to get this place finished.  Speaking of my decorator.....go check out Holly's website.....I LOVE everything she has ever done.  God has really blessed her with an amazing talent of making homes beautiful!  She is also a sweetheart and I am so blessed to get to know her!


Here is a sneak peak of a few things.........

Sep 29, 2012

Love is Patient.....

Love is kind.....

I am totally in LOVE with my new chalkboard and chunky gold frame!  I am busy getting my house back in order and finished so I can share with you all the changes we have made.  I looks so good!!!

Sep 20, 2012

I often wonder.....

what I did to deserve the life that I have been given!  This evening I went grocery shopping.....the kind you do when you haven't been to the store in two weeks.  I have five kids that love to eat so this was some major grocery shopping!  Anyway, I had so much that a lady that also sacked the groceries had to take my groceries out to the car and help me load it all up.  She was a very nice lady but looked kind of she had worked hard all of her life.  I asked her if she ever got scared out in the parking lot especially at night and she said "No, not really but I am not from here so I really don't know if I should be?"  Then she proceeded to say that her and her sister both work nights and that her sister had to take the car tonight so she has to ride her bike home and that sometimes she gets scared but no one has ever really messed with her.  She then said....."Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do".  I said "yes, you do....have a good night and be safe!" 
I got in my car and suddenly felt very grateful and very guilty all at the same time.  I'm not sure if I have ever had to "do what you gotta do".  Im not saying that Marc and I haven't had hard times but even during those times we didn't struggle the way some do.  I can't imagine riding a bike to work.  I felt so sorry for her.  I pray that God blesses her somehow tonight!  Maybe it will be with someone's words to her or a ride home!  I just pray for God's hand on her life as she travels home from work!  I also thank God for my hubby that works so hard each day to provide for not only himself but 6 others! 

Sep 19, 2012

Gimme a V....Gimme a J......

 So Noah has moved into his own room so that just leaves Vensly and Jesse in the BIG room so I made some minor changes!  I love this room.......
(Not that Vensly is anywhere ready to sleep in his own big bed but one day soon I hope!)
These pictures were taken with my phone so they aren't the greatest quality.......

New Pottery Barn Kids throw pillow with a V........

And one with a J.........

My $5 desk from goodwill.......the legs are the light blue color I have used in this room!  Didn't have to do a thing to it!

I don't know why I LOVE these old trash cans!  There are lots of stuffed animals stored in there!

IF we ever build our dream house I want the kid's rooms to be can just do so much with a big room!

Stay tuned for pictures of the rest of my is TOTALLY different and no more faux finish.  I am in love with it!!!!

Sep 15, 2012

Emily's 3rd Birthday- Tea Party Time!

When did I look up and my sweet angel girl was 3?
The dress she wore is about 15 years old!

Miss Diva.....

I still can't believe that God gave me this precious baby girl!
She was very happy her brother was home to celebrate with her!  He didn't last long though and daddy had to come get him!  He didn't really like a tea party!
She loves her Meme!  And her Meme loves her!

She is so precious!

Dear God, can she stay little forever?

That was her reaction to everything she got!

Very serious! 

Her first American Girl Doll.......

Happy 3rd Birthday Emily Grace!  I love you very much!

The table turned out was worth all that work!

Her special cookies made with love by Meme!

Sep 10, 2012

I think I'm FINALLY doing this.....

This whole weight loss and lifestyle change thing!  It has been four weeks since I have started working out with a trainer and I am entering my third week of eating good.....making better choices and not any fast food.  I have chick fil a but I only have a grilled chicken sandwich and no fries and definitely not their yummy best in the world EVER sweet tea!!!!!  I miss their sweet tea!!!!
I have lost two inches in the places that matter and 5lbs.  Not as many pounds as I would like but I'll take it!
I have been working out with a trainer doing yoga and strength training and then cardio the other three to four days a week.  I take one day off of any exercises at all!  I really don't give myself a "eat anything I want day" yet as I have to much weight to loose.  I do allow myself some calories to have a cookie or an ice cream.  I'm still learning what healthier snack choices are.  I still drink a diet DP in the morning to keep from getting a headache and sometimes one in the evening but other than that it's water!  When I don't drink water I feel like I don't loose.  I just feel better when I have had a lot of water for the day!
I have tried jogging and do pretty well at it and actually like it.....I don't exactly love it while I am doing it but I LOVE how I feel after my run is over!  I have developed horrible shin splints though and they are SO painful....I PRAY that somehow they get better and I can actually become a runner.  I am going to a chiropractor soon to have them checked.  My biggest fear is that they are going to tell me to rest and no more working out for a while!  I pray to God that doesn't happen!
I'm not going to lie and say this is not the hardest thing I have ever done.  It's frustrating but also can be fun and rewarding.  I want to reach my goal weight like tomorrow!  I know that's not realistic......two pounds a week is a healthy weight loss.
I have 40 lbs to loose and when I reach that goal I will post all my measurements and starting weight!

I will check in again in 4 weeks with more progress!

Sep 9, 2012

Kitchen Redo.....Before!

UPDATE:  I wanted to add that I met a precious, very talented decorator at a blogger luncheon about a year ago and she is going to help me redo my kitchen!  Her name is Holly and you should just see some of her work....amazing!  I can't wait for my kitchen to be added to that list!  

These are all before pictures of my kitchen!  I am about to do a total kitchen makeover....without any redoing any MAJOR things....I will keep all appliances, flooring, counters and cabinets.  A big thank you to Holly (I will post her blog and website after getting her permission!) for sharing her amazing decorating talents with the world!  Stayed tuned in the near future for the afters......

I love my table and chairs but would like the rest of the kitchen to match!

SO sick of these window treatments!!!

Would like new bar stools but not sure what.  Maybe match the table and chairs?

My husband still loves the faux exposed brick.....I am wondering if it is totally out of style?

I would like new accessories for the bar area!   I LOVE birds but hate that lamp shade now!!!
I know I need to get rid of the "family" thing and the chickens!    I don't have a lot of room from the top of my cabinets to the ceiling but would love to have idea of what to put up there if anything at all?

I do LOVE my black door to my laundry!

This picture is really accurate as far as the color of the cabinets and walls.

I love the island....I painted it with Annie Sloan paint but it needs something.  Maybe pulls?  

I thought I would paint the bottoms of my cabinets the green color and the tops  an off white but after painting the one cabinet I am not so sure about how it looks?  I know I don't want brown cabinets anymore!!!!

I think I for sure need to take the stuff down from top of the refrigerator!  Right????

Another pretty good view of some of the kitchen!

View into the breakfast area.

Going into the hall for the pantry and laundry room.

In the corner by the breakfast table.

Some pictures of the faux exposed brick...this is on the bar.

My pantry doors.

These were taken with my cell phone so they are terrible quality!

I can't wait to see what all is suggested I do to get my beautiful kitchen makeover!  Thank you Holly!!!!