Aug 20, 2012

Words can hurt!

I wish I could educate other children and parents on adoption etiquette, if that is even the right word, or just not saying anything if you can't say anything nice!  Now, I know children are innocent and don't know what not to say but I wish that if parents knew that their children were playing with other children that are adopted and different that they would share with them things they shouldn't say!  This goes for any child that is different....not just adopted!
My son Noah was told this week by a friend that comes to play a lot that we aren't his REAL parents and that he and his brothers could marry Emily if they want to because they aren't real brother and sister!  HELLO?  None of that is true!!!!  We are about as real as parents get and no you can not marry your REAL sister because that is illegal!!!!!
I try to talk to my boys about what is nice to say to people and what is not nice.....especially with special situations.  I wish other parents would do the same. 
I understand I am not going to be able to shield my boys from all hurtful things and I just pray that they know that their Dad and I are no different than their friend's parents.....God just chose a different way to make us a family! 
I wish I could have spared the hurt my boy felt that day......


Diana said...

I am beyond stunned that someone told Noah that. That child had to hear it from someone-kids don't just come up with that stuff. I am so ready for a world where we don't notice differences in appearance. Let's focus on how we are alike!! You and Marc have created a wonderful family!! I admire you so much!!

Christy said...

I wish I could've too, Lesley. My heart hurts for your sweet Noah. Silence is golden a lot of the time.

lynsperation said...

I recently saw something on Facebook where a girl was talking about her little sister was adopted and getting made fun of for it. The little girl responded to them and said "well my parents chose me, your parents are stuck with you!" Thought that was funny!