Aug 4, 2012

We are complete!

Our family is complete!  Our boy is home!  It has now been one week and we have had more good days than bad.  We really haven't had bad days just moments of meltdowns....he will have hours of playing, singing and talking but can suddenly get overwhelmed and it's over for a while. 
We have a strict routine....he gets up at 7 each morning (both he and Emily do), he eats oatmeal, banana, and sometime blueberries, we then go and he and Emily get a bath.  Bath time is so funny as after they are done playing and THEY soap themselves up we get out and go into the same spot in the livingroom and lay out the towels and they sit on them and put lotion on their legs and arms!  It's so cute!  Vensly grabs his "soft and lovely" and tries to spray it on his is spray that softens his hair and is good for his head!  We then dress and they PLAY!!!  He has not been taking a nap unless we are in the car.  It has worked out good as they are both sound to sleep by eight! 
He and Emily are playing very well together and are becoming good friends.  One day they will understand they are brother and sister and she will quit telling people that he doesn't have a mommy and daddy! 
Yesterday she told him in her sweety voice "We have to take you back to Haiti now OK?  OK...we go back to Haiti now!!!"  I couldn't help but laugh but I quickly told her that he is here to stay!  She says she really likes her new brudder!  :)
Today marks one week since we brought him home and while I know that he has times that he is sad and misses his family in the creche I think he loves us and loves it here!  I hope so anyway! 
He is so tiny, yet so smart.  I could watch him all day....actually I do!  My house is a little out of sorts but that can all wait.  The important thing is him feeling at home and feeling comfortable with us. 
Stay tuned tomorrow for my iphone dump of pictures from this week and some funny videos! 
Thank you for all who prayed for our boy....please continue! 


shellandjim said...

Love your words "I could just watch him all day!" So much like being in a dream to now FINALLY watch our babiess in our HOMES! Thanks be to God for this Unspeakable gift we know only HE could accomplish!
Love ya friend~

Ryan V. said...

So great to hear!! Can't wait to see pics :)