Aug 13, 2012

Oh my! 18 years........

We were only a little over 18 when we got married and now here we are celebrating 18 years of wedded bliss!  OK....not all has been wedded bliss but most of it has been great.  I often look at my hubby and think to myself that he is not only my hubby and the father of my children but he is my home.  There is nothing I love more than him being home from work and all of our kids are with us and we are just HOME! 

If you would have told me 20 years ago when we met that we would be married and our family would look like it does now I would have laughed! I glad that God always has other plans than we do! 

No one in the world makes me laugh like he does!  That is one thing we have never lost is laughter in our marriage and I love that! 
I also still think that he is the most handsome man in the whole world and I am so blessed that the Lord chose me to be his wife!  I thank God for that everyday!  I thank God for growing Marc into a Godly man, husband and father! 

So in closing I want to thank you hubby for an amazing 18 years of laughter, learning, growing and most of all for loving me for ME!  You never try to change me, you always support everything I do or want to do and if I have a dream you never tell me it's impossible!  You spoil me and have given me everything I could have ever wanted in this life that we share together!  I still pray for and can't wait for our 50th wedding anniversary celebration with ALL of our kids and Lord only knows how many grandkids!  Now that's a sweet picture! 

I love you baby! 

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