Aug 31, 2012

Going home in pictures by Vensly!

Here I am leaving Haiti.....I will return when I am old enough to come and help my country!

These legos are pretty neat and so is my big brother!
He came all the way to Haiti to help mom and dad bring me home!

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This is me and my big brother Taylor playing with the legos during our long layover in Fort Lauderdale!
This is me and my Daddy taking a nap on one of the plane rides home to Houston!
The two boys are my brothers and little sister!  This family I am now a part of is really different!  Every one is a different color!

These pretty girls were waiting on us along with my brothers and grandparents and lots of friends!  I got a little overwhelmed but I think I like them all now!!!

My first ride ever in my car seat!  I did not like this thing they strapped me in to!

And I don't know who that white girl is and why she is so dang happy in that seat!!!!

Who is she?  They tell me she is my sister!!!!  OMG!

This is my new house.....I like it.  There are lots of toys and a dog!  I do not like that white dog!  

My new grandmother made me spaghetti!  I think I like it and her cooking!!!

I ate every single bite!

There are all kinds of pretty girls coming to see me!  These two really liked me!!!!

I think I like having Daddy all the time and especially cuddling at night!!!

I really liked my new bed......not my new pillow the first night but I love it now!!
I think I am going to like this new place they say is my forever home!

I sure do get lots of hugs and kisses  and I am starting to give them back!

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Christy said...

Love it! He is such a little doll! Looking forward to getting to know him better. :)