Aug 24, 2012


It's amazing how our little guy is 3 but is having so many firsts with us!  We may have missed his first tooth, or his first steps but we are experiencing so many things with him for the very first time and it's amazing to see! 
Here are just a few that we think is normal but to him seemed to be a big deal....
  • Riding on an airplane.....even just being in an airport with lots of people around.
  • Eating at a restaurant....(we ate at the Chili's in the airport and he did great!)
  • Eating french fries.....(he does NOT like them!  What???  Who doesn't like french fries!)
  • Riding in a car seat....hated it!  Screamed almost all the way home from the airport but by the next day he loved it!  Still does it seems!
  • His first very own, brand new bed with a pillow and a blanket.  It has taken him a while to get used to the pillow but now he has to sleep on it at night!  Nap time he doesn't want it....usually because he's not real thrilled that he's having to take a nap!
  • Swimming- he LOVES the swimming pool! 
  • Being tucked in at night....we sing, pray, laugh, tickle and he wants it the same way each night with both of us and Emily in there!
  • Snuggling in OUR bed in the mornings.  He is still unsure of this ritual.....all of our kids get in our bed in the mornings and we talk and play and he is still very observant and doesn't join in to much YET!
  • Having a pantry FULL of food that is available at all times!  He ALWAYS asks before going into the pantry and getting a snack which I think is so cute but I also want him to know one day that he can eat at any time!  (with in reason!) 
  • Someone to comfort him and give him medicine and love when he's sick.  I often wonder how many times he laid in his crib in Haiti sick and no one to love on him and soothe him!  (Not that the nannies weren't wonderful....they just have lots of kids to take care of!)
  • Toys....having his OWN toys that he doesn't have to share, which he ALWAYS does anyway because he doesn't know any different.  When we cleaned out the toy closet he was in heaven....he didn't know what to play with first so instead he organized it all with me.  Cars in one tub, trains in another, and wrestlers in their own precious!!!
  • Mommy and Daddy.....he very own mom and dad that love him so much!!!  A mommy and daddy that are never leaving again! 
  • Brothers that love and play with him and a little sister that tries to act like she is him mom...she carries him around like a baby and wipes his nose and face.  They are adorable together!


April said...

What a sweet post, Lesley!

Christy said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I'm so glad I got to see him in the flesh today, if even for just a minute. :) What a little doll!