Aug 31, 2012

Going home in pictures by Vensly!

Here I am leaving Haiti.....I will return when I am old enough to come and help my country!

These legos are pretty neat and so is my big brother!
He came all the way to Haiti to help mom and dad bring me home!

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This is me and my big brother Taylor playing with the legos during our long layover in Fort Lauderdale!
This is me and my Daddy taking a nap on one of the plane rides home to Houston!
The two boys are my brothers and little sister!  This family I am now a part of is really different!  Every one is a different color!

These pretty girls were waiting on us along with my brothers and grandparents and lots of friends!  I got a little overwhelmed but I think I like them all now!!!

My first ride ever in my car seat!  I did not like this thing they strapped me in to!

And I don't know who that white girl is and why she is so dang happy in that seat!!!!

Who is she?  They tell me she is my sister!!!!  OMG!

This is my new house.....I like it.  There are lots of toys and a dog!  I do not like that white dog!  

My new grandmother made me spaghetti!  I think I like it and her cooking!!!

I ate every single bite!

There are all kinds of pretty girls coming to see me!  These two really liked me!!!!

I think I like having Daddy all the time and especially cuddling at night!!!

I really liked my new bed......not my new pillow the first night but I love it now!!
I think I am going to like this new place they say is my forever home!

I sure do get lots of hugs and kisses  and I am starting to give them back!

Aug 24, 2012


It's amazing how our little guy is 3 but is having so many firsts with us!  We may have missed his first tooth, or his first steps but we are experiencing so many things with him for the very first time and it's amazing to see! 
Here are just a few that we think is normal but to him seemed to be a big deal....
  • Riding on an airplane.....even just being in an airport with lots of people around.
  • Eating at a restaurant....(we ate at the Chili's in the airport and he did great!)
  • Eating french fries.....(he does NOT like them!  What???  Who doesn't like french fries!)
  • Riding in a car seat....hated it!  Screamed almost all the way home from the airport but by the next day he loved it!  Still does it seems!
  • His first very own, brand new bed with a pillow and a blanket.  It has taken him a while to get used to the pillow but now he has to sleep on it at night!  Nap time he doesn't want it....usually because he's not real thrilled that he's having to take a nap!
  • Swimming- he LOVES the swimming pool! 
  • Being tucked in at night....we sing, pray, laugh, tickle and he wants it the same way each night with both of us and Emily in there!
  • Snuggling in OUR bed in the mornings.  He is still unsure of this ritual.....all of our kids get in our bed in the mornings and we talk and play and he is still very observant and doesn't join in to much YET!
  • Having a pantry FULL of food that is available at all times!  He ALWAYS asks before going into the pantry and getting a snack which I think is so cute but I also want him to know one day that he can eat at any time!  (with in reason!) 
  • Someone to comfort him and give him medicine and love when he's sick.  I often wonder how many times he laid in his crib in Haiti sick and no one to love on him and soothe him!  (Not that the nannies weren't wonderful....they just have lots of kids to take care of!)
  • Toys....having his OWN toys that he doesn't have to share, which he ALWAYS does anyway because he doesn't know any different.  When we cleaned out the toy closet he was in heaven....he didn't know what to play with first so instead he organized it all with me.  Cars in one tub, trains in another, and wrestlers in their own precious!!!
  • Mommy and Daddy.....he very own mom and dad that love him so much!!!  A mommy and daddy that are never leaving again! 
  • Brothers that love and play with him and a little sister that tries to act like she is him mom...she carries him around like a baby and wipes his nose and face.  They are adorable together!

Aug 20, 2012

Words can hurt!

I wish I could educate other children and parents on adoption etiquette, if that is even the right word, or just not saying anything if you can't say anything nice!  Now, I know children are innocent and don't know what not to say but I wish that if parents knew that their children were playing with other children that are adopted and different that they would share with them things they shouldn't say!  This goes for any child that is different....not just adopted!
My son Noah was told this week by a friend that comes to play a lot that we aren't his REAL parents and that he and his brothers could marry Emily if they want to because they aren't real brother and sister!  HELLO?  None of that is true!!!!  We are about as real as parents get and no you can not marry your REAL sister because that is illegal!!!!!
I try to talk to my boys about what is nice to say to people and what is not nice.....especially with special situations.  I wish other parents would do the same. 
I understand I am not going to be able to shield my boys from all hurtful things and I just pray that they know that their Dad and I are no different than their friend's parents.....God just chose a different way to make us a family! 
I wish I could have spared the hurt my boy felt that day......

Aug 13, 2012

Oh my! 18 years........

We were only a little over 18 when we got married and now here we are celebrating 18 years of wedded bliss!  OK....not all has been wedded bliss but most of it has been great.  I often look at my hubby and think to myself that he is not only my hubby and the father of my children but he is my home.  There is nothing I love more than him being home from work and all of our kids are with us and we are just HOME! 

If you would have told me 20 years ago when we met that we would be married and our family would look like it does now I would have laughed! I glad that God always has other plans than we do! 

No one in the world makes me laugh like he does!  That is one thing we have never lost is laughter in our marriage and I love that! 
I also still think that he is the most handsome man in the whole world and I am so blessed that the Lord chose me to be his wife!  I thank God for that everyday!  I thank God for growing Marc into a Godly man, husband and father! 

So in closing I want to thank you hubby for an amazing 18 years of laughter, learning, growing and most of all for loving me for ME!  You never try to change me, you always support everything I do or want to do and if I have a dream you never tell me it's impossible!  You spoil me and have given me everything I could have ever wanted in this life that we share together!  I still pray for and can't wait for our 50th wedding anniversary celebration with ALL of our kids and Lord only knows how many grandkids!  Now that's a sweet picture! 

I love you baby! 

Aug 4, 2012

We are complete!

Our family is complete!  Our boy is home!  It has now been one week and we have had more good days than bad.  We really haven't had bad days just moments of meltdowns....he will have hours of playing, singing and talking but can suddenly get overwhelmed and it's over for a while. 
We have a strict routine....he gets up at 7 each morning (both he and Emily do), he eats oatmeal, banana, and sometime blueberries, we then go and he and Emily get a bath.  Bath time is so funny as after they are done playing and THEY soap themselves up we get out and go into the same spot in the livingroom and lay out the towels and they sit on them and put lotion on their legs and arms!  It's so cute!  Vensly grabs his "soft and lovely" and tries to spray it on his is spray that softens his hair and is good for his head!  We then dress and they PLAY!!!  He has not been taking a nap unless we are in the car.  It has worked out good as they are both sound to sleep by eight! 
He and Emily are playing very well together and are becoming good friends.  One day they will understand they are brother and sister and she will quit telling people that he doesn't have a mommy and daddy! 
Yesterday she told him in her sweety voice "We have to take you back to Haiti now OK?  OK...we go back to Haiti now!!!"  I couldn't help but laugh but I quickly told her that he is here to stay!  She says she really likes her new brudder!  :)
Today marks one week since we brought him home and while I know that he has times that he is sad and misses his family in the creche I think he loves us and loves it here!  I hope so anyway! 
He is so tiny, yet so smart.  I could watch him all day....actually I do!  My house is a little out of sorts but that can all wait.  The important thing is him feeling at home and feeling comfortable with us. 
Stay tuned tomorrow for my iphone dump of pictures from this week and some funny videos! 
Thank you for all who prayed for our boy....please continue!