Jul 16, 2012

SLU 201......

Today is Monday, July 16th and my oldest son left for a trip to Washington DC with two friends and his friend's dad.  It should be an amazing experience for him.  He's going with Student Leadership University.  Last year he went to San Antonio and next year is Paris and the last year is Isreal! 
Some things he will be doing this week in D.C. are......

Sessions and Experiences Include:
+Learning the faith of our founding fathers at Christ Church
+Private wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Exploring the Just War Theory through the lens of Arlington Cemetery
+Tour of the national monuments by twilight

+Examining the possibility of a second Holocaust after touring the Holocaust Museum

+Go Inside the Beltway with exclusive behind the scene briefings from prominent Executive, Judicial, and Legislative Branches representatives

+Excursions to the National Archives, Supreme Court Champers, U.S. Capitol, Smithsonian- Night at the National Press Club with discussing the political, spiritual and national issues our students will face.

+Rules and Tools of Leadership Level Two taught by leading business men and women. From sessions with Dr. Bob Reccord, President of Council of National Policy, on Leading from the Inside Out, to Colonel K.T. Poole, Officer of the Secretary of Defense, on Key Traits of a Christian Leader, and Tim Tassopolous, Senior V.P. of Operations for Chick-fil-A, on Commit to Excellence, students will be blown away by some of the nation's authorities on leadership.

I am praying that God moves this week in Taylor and his friend's lives and that they have an amazing experience!!!!

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