Jul 24, 2012

See ya in a few!

The next time I post here I will officially be the mother of 5.....FIVE actually living in my house all together!  I am so excited and so nervous all at the same time!  I am ready for whatever our new "normal" is going to be.
Tomorrow I will get see my hubby's sweet face and hug his neck after not seeing him for 11 days!  I will also get to see my oldest son and youngest son and hug their sweet necks!  I haven't seen Vensly since January.
Then on Friday our little (or not so little) family will all be together and complete! 
Pray for us please.....and especially Vensly.  He's leaving three nannies who are like mothers to him and he's leaving about twenty or more little boys that he plays with, sleeps with, and eat with everyday for the last two years.  They are his family and we are ripping him from that.  That won't be easy for him!

Goodbye for now my sweet blogger friends............see you again soon!


Sarah said...

Saying a prayer for your family and sweet boy! We love y'all!

Christy said...

I'm so happy for you. Can't wait to meet him!