Jul 23, 2012

My heart is so happy.......

My husband, oldest son, my unlce, two little cousins of mine, four of my best friends, and two special young men that are like my own son's are in Haiti right now being the hands and feet of Jesus and loving on my boy!  That makes my heart so happy but today I have also been a little weepy.

Vensly swimming with his cousin Meg! 
One of my best friends, whose husband and twin sons happen to be in Haiti right now, took our little ones to Lost Pines for the last two nights.  We had a great time and I was sad to leave her and her sweet little girl.  They live in San Antonio after moving a few years ago.  I miss her already! 

Me and Kim relaxing at Lost Pines!

The kids before dinner!
As we were leaving she told me that our husbands and boys went to an orphanage today that was a shocker to our teenage boys!  Her husband told her about praying over a baby that had lost her twin and was struggling herself.  The story broke my heart and was the start of my tears today! 

I am so happy to be 48 hours away from seeing my boy myself and praising God that this is THE trip that I never have to leave him again!  I am excited but extemely nervous about all of this change and transition. 
I am so happy that he will be loved on so much this week by everyone and then get to leave with us all! 

I am so happy for my boy but my heart breaks for all the children and adults of Haiti that are left behind.  Heartbreaking!

Bubba holding his baby brother!


Ryan V. said...

Love it! Can't wait until you get your baby boy home to his forever home! I've still been reading all along, but having a 4 month old has me putting commenting on the back burner :). Soooo happy for y'all!

julie said...

crying tears of joy for you. xoxo