Jul 5, 2012

In Training! Oh my!!!

This week I will complete my third week of "couch to 5K"....I must say it is tough!  It was really tough this week as last week we were on vacation and I only got to work out once and then Tuesday when I went back to the gym the childcare was closed!  But I was back today....not wanting to get up and go at all but so glad I did once it was over! 
A few weeks ago I got an email about the Houston Aramco Half Marathon in January and that you could put your name in the lottery to possibly get picked.  I thought about it for a while and decided to go for it.  I prayed that if I am supposed to do this then I would get picked and on June 25th I got an email that I was chosen!  OH MY WORD!  I am not a runner....I'm not really a jogger yet either but at least lately I have been somewhat following a plan.  Today I ran three minutes....walked three....then ran three again!  I cranked the speed up to 5.0 and even though it was tough it was easier to run faster than slower.  I have never sweated like I did today!!!!!  It felt good.
I have asked a friend that is a runner to guide me to a program to get me ready for January and I have been doing a lot of reading on running lately.  I am excited to be doing this and to finally be able to say I finished my first half marathon!!!!  I hope it will just be the first of many and a road to a healthier me!

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Hoots Momma said...

good for you les. i've been running outdoors but not training for a marathon! I'm so impressed!