Jun 1, 2012

Friday's Letter..........

I saw this on another blog and thought I would start trying it too!  I have been having some real blogger block lately and thought you guys might want to read something other than the dumb politics stuff! 

So here goes.......FRIDAY'S LETTER!

Dear Sweet Kids of Mine.....you were so dang hyper today and argued so much that I thought "oh lord....it's gonna be a long summer!"
Dear Noah....your dancing still makes me laugh....sometimes you get a little carried away but you have got some moves boy!  Dear Jesse....your little gansta attitude lately makes me crack up but enough already....you are not joining a gang!  LOL!  Dear Emily.....when you get mad at us and kick the couch or wall it doesn't hurt us only your little bitty foot!  Dear Taylor.....when did you become old enough to go on dates and have a girlfriend?  You should still be six not sixteen! Dear Hubby....thank you for fixing my helmet with the new bling!  Dear San Jacinto Harley....thanks for decking out our new bike.  I can't wait to ride on my new seat Saturday!  Dear Kody....you need to buy your bike soon!  It's more fun to ride with someone else!  Dear Friends and Family....thank you so much for being there for us this week!  Dear Chambers County......you picked the wrong guy Tuesday!  What a huge loss for our community!  Dear Hubby....I am so proud that you ran your campaign alone and on your own accomplishments and platform. I know you would have done all you could to protect us, the children of our community and our possessions!  Dear May 29th....I am glad you have come and gone!  Last but not least.....Dear Blogger readers.....I promise this is the last time I will mention our campaign....it's behind us now and we must move on!

Oh and Dear GOD.....thank you for everything you have given us and how you guide us every step of the way in our lives!  We wouldn't want it any other way! 

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