May 14, 2012

Taylor turns 16!

So today my first born son turned 16!  I say it all the time and will say it again....where does time go?  I remember it like it was yesterday him dragging out his daddy's guitar that was four times as big as him asking for a "peek" so he could play us a song!  I remember rocking him to sleep with the music turned up full blast.....that is the only way we could get him to go down!  I remember standing waiting while Marc warmed all his bedding in the dryer so he didn't have to go to bed with cold sheets!  I remember blowing his hair under with a round brush and him looking like a blond angel and how he looked so precious in those little smocked outfits!  I remember taking him to stride rite and buying his first walking shoes and how cute they looked with his chubby little legs.  There are so many things that seem like they just happened yesterday but yet here I sit today with a 16 year old itching to get his drivers license and drive HIS very own truck!  It almost makes me sad that in two short years he could possibly go out into the "real" world and I may not be there to protect him from all that is "ugly".  This past year he has really grown into a smart, good decision making, young man.  I wrote earlier in the year that he had decided to try public school for the first time but after many people praying for him, including himself, he has decided to stay at the private Christian school that he's been at since K5.  I am so happy!  I love that he will graduate with others that he's known since kinder.  I am going to blink and be at his graduation! 
This picture he was two months old!

Easter and almost a year old!

I loved that chubby baby!

His dad hated these outfits but I LOVED THEM!

He and his dad spent many hours in the music room singing and playing guitar and drums!

One of my favorite pictures ever!
This picture started my love of photography!
My handsome little boy!
He was starting to not like Momma hugging him!  I do it anyway still to this day!

See the hair?  I would round brush it under to get it so fluffy!  Cutest hair ever!!!

Him today with his baby sister who is crazy about her brother!

Taylor with his "bro's" at his birthday dinner!

Taylor and his newest brother.....this was taken the day they met him in Haiti for the first time!
Happy Birthday Son......Mom and Dad love you more than you can ever know!

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