May 22, 2012

Start of a busy summer............

This is our last week of school.  I really enjoyed my first year of homeschooling Noah and Jesse.  I wouldn't trade these memories and time together for anything in the world.  They are going back to school next year as Vensly should be home this summer and that is to hard with two little ones.  We are going to be so busy this will be both fun and I am sure a little hard with our added addition.  We are excited to have him home though!
Coming up at the first of June Marc is going on a motorcycle ride with my brother, uncle and some other guys....they are riding from Fredericksburg, TX to UTAH!  Wow!  Also June 9th.....Taylor, his friend Jared and I are going to NYC to celebrate Taylor turning 16.  We are so excited!  A week later Taylor then heads to TN for church camp!
Then at the end of June we are headed to Gatlinburg, TN with the rest of the Estes gang for our family reunion we do every two years!  We love these much fun!!!!  We are staying in a house that has 21 bedrooms I think.  Pretty amazing!

During all this hustle and bustle of June the US will conduct an interview with Vensly's birth mother to make sure she understands that he will be leaving Haiti and grow up in the USA.  That takes place on June 12th.  It is so important that this goes well and that she is able to show up.  If everything goes as planned he could be home by July!  Please keep that in your prayers!

In July Taylor heads to Washington DC for a trip with Student Christian Leadership University...he's going with two friends from school and one of the friend's Dad.  It looks like it's going to be an amazing trip for him!
Also in July Marc is leading two teams to Haiti from July 14-28th.  Two weeks!!!  We are thinking that could also be the time that Vensly is ready to come home.  If so, then I will head to Haiti at the end of those two weeks.  Taylor will already be there too.  I'm hoping that is God's plan!  We have some really special people going with Marc on that trip that I know would love to be a part of Vensly's homecoming!

Noah has church camp in August but he's still trying to decide if he's going or not!  If his brother is home I bet he won't want to leave......we will see!  He's a home body!

I am so excited that possibly in a couple of months our family will FINALLY be complete!  It took us 18 years but we did it......not exactly how I thought my family would look but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! 

Happy Summer everyone!!!!!  It's gonna be a hot one...........

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