May 21, 2012

Our country's future voters!

Last week my little boys, Emily and I got all dressed in our "Marc Estes for Constable" t-shirts and headed to the polls to vote! They were so excited and so was I....especially to see my hubby's name on the ballot. That was pretty neat!

I also learned that we couldn't wear our shirts into the polling place so we had to go home and change.  That's ok.....anyone that saw those sweet little faces outside surely thought Marc was worth their vote!  :)

Is this the cutest future voter ever?  She insisted on wearing her "Jesse" hat!

We only have 8 days until this is all over.  I am not going to lie and say I am not glad that we are on the countdown!  I am GLAD!  We have talked a lot about the outcome of this race and we have reminded ourselves again that God is in control of all of it.  We have prayed over this from the very beginning and if it is His will for our life then it will be done and if it's not then it won't.  Do we want to win?  You bet we do.  Will he be the best constable he could possibly be?  You bet he will.  But most of all do we want God's will for our life?  DEFINITELY!
I will always be thankful for the new friends that he has brought into our lives through this campaign.  We have met some Godly people that really want to represent our community and state and do the absolute best they can do for us!  For that I am thankful!

That said.....GO VOTE!!!  Marc Estes for Constable!!!!
Jesse Min says VOTE for MY DAD!!!!!

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Sarah said...

I would vote for Marc! This Country needs more men like him running it. Good luck!