May 31, 2012

My Days as a Politician's Wife.....Part 2

Anxiety!  That can sum up a lot of my days as a politician's wife.  When Marc first decided to run I never in a million years thought we would have to run an actual campaign.....not that I even knew what that was!  I do now!  It has it's fun moments but they were few and far between.  Most of the "political" events were filled with anxiety for me.  See....usually I don't meet a stranger and love to talk to people but this was different.  Marc said at one event I was like a cat on a hot tin roof!  LOL!  We laugh at that now but I sure wasn't that night! 
One thing I did get to see is my husband determination and his passion for law enforcement and wanting to keep our community safer.  That is so important to him.  He had so many good things he wanted to do....some were major things and some were just small things that our city needs or could use! 
He would speak in front of lots of important people and never once did he seem nervous.  He's at such ease in front of, well that would have been another story!  One of passing out!  LOL! 
I saw that my husband is the most confident person I know.....I know that now he will go back to Galena Park PD and be the best deputy he can be!  That department is blessed to have him! 
I have asked God to help me in my hard feelings I have towards some people that honestly I don't really even know!  I don't like that feeling.  I am trying to understand that some people act out of fear or insecurity but really are good people.  That is a work in progress for me. 
I am excited to just be still for a while and see where God leads our family.  I do know that in a few short weeks, I hope, he will be leading us to Haiti to pick up our new son!  Now that is what really matters!
Being a Dad to that sweet boy has to beat being a constable any day!  Agree?

We will be on our way soon to bring you home!

Let me end by saying that we have a lot of good friends and family that helped us through this and not all could vote for us but in the end there were 550 people that believed that Marc should be their constable.  I think that's amazing for a new guy to the community and running for the first time!  I couldn't be more proud of his courage and determination! 

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Christy said...

It's hard understanding when things don't work out the way we thought they would. Marc did a good thing. We are proud to be called friends.