May 30, 2012

My Days as a Politician's Wife.....Part 1

I would love to say I wouldn't trade the last few months for anything in the world but that wouldn't be the truth!  I learned a lot the last few months.....not all good.  I learned that the political world is tough.....very tough.  I have been told many times that I live in a naive world where everyone is good and when they say something it's the truth.  I quickly learned that is not correct!  I tried to develop a thick skin and just couldn't......frankly I don't want to.  I don't want to change who I am just so I can stand when people say things about my husband or my family that is not true.  God made me the way I am for a reason and I don't want to be any other way....I want to trust people and see the good in everyone! (that was really tough in this race.....)

What I wouldn't trade for anything in the world are some of the new friends he brought into our lives during this time.  That was a gift!  We connected with a couple that we go to church with, and a new couple that are both running for very important offices that prove that Godly people want and can be in our government.  Our country needs people like them! Thank the good Lord that they are willing to get in there and fight for what they believe in and I know that these guys are meant to help run our country and I was honored to give them my vote! 
I learned that just because a candidate stands on the platform that they are "Strong, Christian Conservatives".....doesn't mean squat when they don't live what they say!  Going to and being a member of a church doesn't make you a Christian!
I saw how my husband was talked about and doubted and sometimes to his face but he remained a man of integrity and honor.  He never lost his cool and he continued to pray for God's hand on his race.  I know that His hand was on us the whole time.  I won't lie and say that we aren't disappointed that it didn't go in our favor but I will tell you that I am SO disappointed in the process....the inside political game that if you aren't a part of it's tough to win!  I am disappointed to have listened to people stand up at forums and talk about being men and women of integrity, honor, being Christians but then won't even shake you hand.  I am disappointed that more people don't get out and vote.....that is the only way changes can be made in our community for the better. 
Let me end part one by saying that at the end of the day we may not have had a victory in the constable race but sitting at the dinner table with all of our friends last night.....old and new.....and many not there for other reasons.....God reminded me that we are victorious.  Only three people out of about 20 could vote for us so that means that everyone at that table were there because they love Marc (and our family) for who he is and not what he could do for them if elected.  They were there to tell Marc how proud they were of him and how much they loved him!

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord.......

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