May 11, 2012

Last Birthday in Haiti......

Well our boy spent his last birthday in Haiti yesterday! I sure hope all his nannies took really good care of him and treated him special for the day! I thought about him a lot yesterday......I thought about how he doesn't even really know what a birthday is much less a party. He doesn't even really know about toys!  He only played with a few things that I brought for him each time.  It really makes you realize how much we give our kids that they don't really need.  They can be happy with very little "stuff".....they need love more than anything!

He loved his stuff.  Cheerios, book, crayons and cars.

I could watch him play all day.

I was really hoping for a passport yesterday....that would have been a great birthday gift.....maybe today or sometime next week!  We really are on the countdown now though.....praise God! 
I can't wait to get him home......I hope he loves the pool as much as his sister and brothers!  I hope he loves spaghetti as much as they do!  I can't wait to just watch him sleep, play and learn about all these new things he will experience! 
Please God.....bring him home soon!!!!!

 This is Franz with Vensly......Franz is coming home on the 25th!  We are so happy for him and his brother and sister!  They have waited a long time!
I can't wait to kiss and hug on this little guy!

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