May 1, 2012

Good News From Haiti.......

Praise God!  We are FINALLY out of MOI.  We were in for 15 weeks which I have been told was very unusual but for some reason God's timing was as such!  We are now going into passports which can take a week to ten days for most.  Then we just need that big fat VISA stamp so he can come home!  (there are some more things that need to be done to get that!)  I am praying he is home in June sometime or early July!  I am so excited and scared all at the same time!  I am just ready to get our "new" life started and be on our way to our new "normal".  We really are in the home stretch now!  YAY!
This is V on our first trip together to see him!
January 2011

This is him last month!
He has grown so much since Marc first met him!  He's a strong willed but loving little boy that needs his family so bad! 
God, I just pray that you speed these last steps up and bring our boy home! 


Lianna Knight said...

FABULOUS news :)

stephanie garcia said...

I am thrilled for you, remembering these exciting moments in our own adoption journey from Haiti!