May 31, 2012

My Days as a Politician's Wife.....Part 2

Anxiety!  That can sum up a lot of my days as a politician's wife.  When Marc first decided to run I never in a million years thought we would have to run an actual campaign.....not that I even knew what that was!  I do now!  It has it's fun moments but they were few and far between.  Most of the "political" events were filled with anxiety for me.  See....usually I don't meet a stranger and love to talk to people but this was different.  Marc said at one event I was like a cat on a hot tin roof!  LOL!  We laugh at that now but I sure wasn't that night! 
One thing I did get to see is my husband determination and his passion for law enforcement and wanting to keep our community safer.  That is so important to him.  He had so many good things he wanted to do....some were major things and some were just small things that our city needs or could use! 
He would speak in front of lots of important people and never once did he seem nervous.  He's at such ease in front of, well that would have been another story!  One of passing out!  LOL! 
I saw that my husband is the most confident person I know.....I know that now he will go back to Galena Park PD and be the best deputy he can be!  That department is blessed to have him! 
I have asked God to help me in my hard feelings I have towards some people that honestly I don't really even know!  I don't like that feeling.  I am trying to understand that some people act out of fear or insecurity but really are good people.  That is a work in progress for me. 
I am excited to just be still for a while and see where God leads our family.  I do know that in a few short weeks, I hope, he will be leading us to Haiti to pick up our new son!  Now that is what really matters!
Being a Dad to that sweet boy has to beat being a constable any day!  Agree?

We will be on our way soon to bring you home!

Let me end by saying that we have a lot of good friends and family that helped us through this and not all could vote for us but in the end there were 550 people that believed that Marc should be their constable.  I think that's amazing for a new guy to the community and running for the first time!  I couldn't be more proud of his courage and determination! 

May 30, 2012

My Days as a Politician's Wife.....Part 1

I would love to say I wouldn't trade the last few months for anything in the world but that wouldn't be the truth!  I learned a lot the last few months.....not all good.  I learned that the political world is tough.....very tough.  I have been told many times that I live in a naive world where everyone is good and when they say something it's the truth.  I quickly learned that is not correct!  I tried to develop a thick skin and just couldn't......frankly I don't want to.  I don't want to change who I am just so I can stand when people say things about my husband or my family that is not true.  God made me the way I am for a reason and I don't want to be any other way....I want to trust people and see the good in everyone! (that was really tough in this race.....)

What I wouldn't trade for anything in the world are some of the new friends he brought into our lives during this time.  That was a gift!  We connected with a couple that we go to church with, and a new couple that are both running for very important offices that prove that Godly people want and can be in our government.  Our country needs people like them! Thank the good Lord that they are willing to get in there and fight for what they believe in and I know that these guys are meant to help run our country and I was honored to give them my vote! 
I learned that just because a candidate stands on the platform that they are "Strong, Christian Conservatives".....doesn't mean squat when they don't live what they say!  Going to and being a member of a church doesn't make you a Christian!
I saw how my husband was talked about and doubted and sometimes to his face but he remained a man of integrity and honor.  He never lost his cool and he continued to pray for God's hand on his race.  I know that His hand was on us the whole time.  I won't lie and say that we aren't disappointed that it didn't go in our favor but I will tell you that I am SO disappointed in the process....the inside political game that if you aren't a part of it's tough to win!  I am disappointed to have listened to people stand up at forums and talk about being men and women of integrity, honor, being Christians but then won't even shake you hand.  I am disappointed that more people don't get out and vote.....that is the only way changes can be made in our community for the better. 
Let me end part one by saying that at the end of the day we may not have had a victory in the constable race but sitting at the dinner table with all of our friends last night.....old and new.....and many not there for other reasons.....God reminded me that we are victorious.  Only three people out of about 20 could vote for us so that means that everyone at that table were there because they love Marc (and our family) for who he is and not what he could do for them if elected.  They were there to tell Marc how proud they were of him and how much they loved him!

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord.......

May 22, 2012

Start of a busy summer............

This is our last week of school.  I really enjoyed my first year of homeschooling Noah and Jesse.  I wouldn't trade these memories and time together for anything in the world.  They are going back to school next year as Vensly should be home this summer and that is to hard with two little ones.  We are going to be so busy this will be both fun and I am sure a little hard with our added addition.  We are excited to have him home though!
Coming up at the first of June Marc is going on a motorcycle ride with my brother, uncle and some other guys....they are riding from Fredericksburg, TX to UTAH!  Wow!  Also June 9th.....Taylor, his friend Jared and I are going to NYC to celebrate Taylor turning 16.  We are so excited!  A week later Taylor then heads to TN for church camp!
Then at the end of June we are headed to Gatlinburg, TN with the rest of the Estes gang for our family reunion we do every two years!  We love these much fun!!!!  We are staying in a house that has 21 bedrooms I think.  Pretty amazing!

During all this hustle and bustle of June the US will conduct an interview with Vensly's birth mother to make sure she understands that he will be leaving Haiti and grow up in the USA.  That takes place on June 12th.  It is so important that this goes well and that she is able to show up.  If everything goes as planned he could be home by July!  Please keep that in your prayers!

In July Taylor heads to Washington DC for a trip with Student Christian Leadership University...he's going with two friends from school and one of the friend's Dad.  It looks like it's going to be an amazing trip for him!
Also in July Marc is leading two teams to Haiti from July 14-28th.  Two weeks!!!  We are thinking that could also be the time that Vensly is ready to come home.  If so, then I will head to Haiti at the end of those two weeks.  Taylor will already be there too.  I'm hoping that is God's plan!  We have some really special people going with Marc on that trip that I know would love to be a part of Vensly's homecoming!

Noah has church camp in August but he's still trying to decide if he's going or not!  If his brother is home I bet he won't want to leave......we will see!  He's a home body!

I am so excited that possibly in a couple of months our family will FINALLY be complete!  It took us 18 years but we did it......not exactly how I thought my family would look but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! 

Happy Summer everyone!!!!!  It's gonna be a hot one...........

May 21, 2012

Our country's future voters!

Last week my little boys, Emily and I got all dressed in our "Marc Estes for Constable" t-shirts and headed to the polls to vote! They were so excited and so was I....especially to see my hubby's name on the ballot. That was pretty neat!

I also learned that we couldn't wear our shirts into the polling place so we had to go home and change.  That's ok.....anyone that saw those sweet little faces outside surely thought Marc was worth their vote!  :)

Is this the cutest future voter ever?  She insisted on wearing her "Jesse" hat!

We only have 8 days until this is all over.  I am not going to lie and say I am not glad that we are on the countdown!  I am GLAD!  We have talked a lot about the outcome of this race and we have reminded ourselves again that God is in control of all of it.  We have prayed over this from the very beginning and if it is His will for our life then it will be done and if it's not then it won't.  Do we want to win?  You bet we do.  Will he be the best constable he could possibly be?  You bet he will.  But most of all do we want God's will for our life?  DEFINITELY!
I will always be thankful for the new friends that he has brought into our lives through this campaign.  We have met some Godly people that really want to represent our community and state and do the absolute best they can do for us!  For that I am thankful!

That said.....GO VOTE!!!  Marc Estes for Constable!!!!
Jesse Min says VOTE for MY DAD!!!!!

May 14, 2012

Taylor turns 16!

So today my first born son turned 16!  I say it all the time and will say it again....where does time go?  I remember it like it was yesterday him dragging out his daddy's guitar that was four times as big as him asking for a "peek" so he could play us a song!  I remember rocking him to sleep with the music turned up full blast.....that is the only way we could get him to go down!  I remember standing waiting while Marc warmed all his bedding in the dryer so he didn't have to go to bed with cold sheets!  I remember blowing his hair under with a round brush and him looking like a blond angel and how he looked so precious in those little smocked outfits!  I remember taking him to stride rite and buying his first walking shoes and how cute they looked with his chubby little legs.  There are so many things that seem like they just happened yesterday but yet here I sit today with a 16 year old itching to get his drivers license and drive HIS very own truck!  It almost makes me sad that in two short years he could possibly go out into the "real" world and I may not be there to protect him from all that is "ugly".  This past year he has really grown into a smart, good decision making, young man.  I wrote earlier in the year that he had decided to try public school for the first time but after many people praying for him, including himself, he has decided to stay at the private Christian school that he's been at since K5.  I am so happy!  I love that he will graduate with others that he's known since kinder.  I am going to blink and be at his graduation! 
This picture he was two months old!

Easter and almost a year old!

I loved that chubby baby!

His dad hated these outfits but I LOVED THEM!

He and his dad spent many hours in the music room singing and playing guitar and drums!

One of my favorite pictures ever!
This picture started my love of photography!
My handsome little boy!
He was starting to not like Momma hugging him!  I do it anyway still to this day!

See the hair?  I would round brush it under to get it so fluffy!  Cutest hair ever!!!

Him today with his baby sister who is crazy about her brother!

Taylor with his "bro's" at his birthday dinner!

Taylor and his newest brother.....this was taken the day they met him in Haiti for the first time!
Happy Birthday Son......Mom and Dad love you more than you can ever know!

May 11, 2012

Last Birthday in Haiti......

Well our boy spent his last birthday in Haiti yesterday! I sure hope all his nannies took really good care of him and treated him special for the day! I thought about him a lot yesterday......I thought about how he doesn't even really know what a birthday is much less a party. He doesn't even really know about toys!  He only played with a few things that I brought for him each time.  It really makes you realize how much we give our kids that they don't really need.  They can be happy with very little "stuff".....they need love more than anything!

He loved his stuff.  Cheerios, book, crayons and cars.

I could watch him play all day.

I was really hoping for a passport yesterday....that would have been a great birthday gift.....maybe today or sometime next week!  We really are on the countdown now though.....praise God! 
I can't wait to get him home......I hope he loves the pool as much as his sister and brothers!  I hope he loves spaghetti as much as they do!  I can't wait to just watch him sleep, play and learn about all these new things he will experience! 
Please God.....bring him home soon!!!!!

 This is Franz with Vensly......Franz is coming home on the 25th!  We are so happy for him and his brother and sister!  They have waited a long time!
I can't wait to kiss and hug on this little guy!

May 1, 2012

Good News From Haiti.......

Praise God!  We are FINALLY out of MOI.  We were in for 15 weeks which I have been told was very unusual but for some reason God's timing was as such!  We are now going into passports which can take a week to ten days for most.  Then we just need that big fat VISA stamp so he can come home!  (there are some more things that need to be done to get that!)  I am praying he is home in June sometime or early July!  I am so excited and scared all at the same time!  I am just ready to get our "new" life started and be on our way to our new "normal".  We really are in the home stretch now!  YAY!
This is V on our first trip together to see him!
January 2011

This is him last month!
He has grown so much since Marc first met him!  He's a strong willed but loving little boy that needs his family so bad! 
God, I just pray that you speed these last steps up and bring our boy home!