Apr 17, 2012

SLOW- updates on a little bit of everything!

The first update is from Haiti as many of you have been asking or wondering what is going on? Well, I don't know! We are still in MOI, actually we are in our 13th week of waiting! There are families that went in when we did and they brought their children home last week, which is a huge praise to God, but still tough that our little boy sits, waiting, for someone to sign off on his paperwork so we can get a passport and and a visa! Patience....I keep being told to be patient and believe me I am trying but it's not easy! I WANT MY BOY HOME!

Marc is in Africa this week hunting! He already shot something, can't remember the name of it, but it's pretty neat looking. I miss him like crazy! The older I get or the longer we have been married the less I like to be away from him! :) Emily just started asking yesterday when he will be home. That girl LOVES her Daddy! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for him though so I am glad he got to go and even more glad that he will be home soon!

And for an update on our new eating habits....it's still going good. Noah has lost 5lbs! YAY! Taylor is even completely on board too....he started P90X last night and is drinking lots of water and eating right. Of course he is trying to gain weight....oh to have that problem!!! I wish!!!
I have had my moments of weakness but basically doing pretty good. I think I am ready to start working out...I have been scared with my ankle and my latest fall. (at a mall again!) My weight loss is going SLOW...that can be frustrating but at least I am eating better and not drinking sodas hardly at all! Still just my one in the morning! I think I may try coffee soon....and cut out diet DP all together.

I signed up with my girlfriends to do a mud run in November so that is a reasonable amount of time to reach my weight goal. I am so excited to do this with them....we have already laughed till we cried over the thought of it. This girly girl has never had mud on her...except my mud wrap at the spa last weekend! :)

Well that's what is going on here....please continue to pray for Vensly's paperwork and for him to be home soon!

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