Apr 2, 2012

New Lifestyle.....one week!

I have to say that we have done pretty good......the "bad" things in the pantry are just about gone!  I have consumed more water in the last week than I probably ever have.  I averaged about 40 oz. a day.....some days I actually drank all 60 oz!!!!  WOW!  That is huge for me and I must say I am proud of myself!  Maybe it's in my head but my 3:00 crash I usually feel each day is gone.....I seem to have a lot of energy the last few days and not that bogged down feeling that diet drinks give you!

I haven't weighed in yet and I'm not sure when I will but Noah has lost three pounds over the last week.  (disclaimer.....he is NOT on a diet.....but he is overweight for his age and height and is one of my main reasons for making these changes!) 
I will say that yesterday I went to my mom's and it's not as easy to eat completely healthy when traveling so we cheated some the last two days but not bad.  I had veggie pizza last night.....and ate oranges and pretzels for snacks.

I know it's Monday but here is my menu for the next few days.......

Tuesday- Clean Eating Magazine's Creole Chicken & Okra

Wednesday- Clean Eating Roasted Shrimp, Green Beans and Sweet Potatoes.

Thursday- Baked Chicken, Clean Mac and Cheese, and steamed broccoli.

Friday- we will be working at the vineyard for the big Easter event that we are putting on for the event so I am not sure what we will eat.  That is where is can get hard....I know it WON'T be fast food!  :)

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