Apr 9, 2012

The Flying Easter Bunny!

My hubby has worked so hard on this event and boy was it a stressful week for him and for us! How do you plan properly for an event that is free to the public and when you have no idea how many people are going to show up or if any at all will show up! That was our fear even though I felt like the Lord had given me a peace about it all week long. The day could not have been any more beautiful than it was! AND we had 650 people show up!!! WOW! We fed about 525 bowls of gumbo!
When they hovered over in that chopper it was the neatest thing....I actually got teary eyed! Hubby's event that he worked so hard on was a complete success and he was seeing it all from above! The bunny waving and the looks on the kids faces was all worth it! Even if this event doesn't accomplish it's intended goal we made a great Easter for a lot of people! That is what is important! That is one thing I will never forget about that day!
When Emily saw her dad and the bunny get out she ran past the caution tape and yelled for him....cutest thing ever! (luckily, she is kind of tight with the security of the event! LOL)
She thought he brought the bunny for her!

Let me end by saying we have the best friends and family in the whole world....even the ones that couldn't be there. Marc and I both got the nicest texts of people praying and thinking about him and wishing they were there with us! The ones that were there worked their tales off....cooking, cleaning, organizing, babysitting my kids, serving,hiding 2000 eggs, cleaning some more and just being there for us! We are beyond blessed!

Whether he gets Constable in the end we don't know....I still hope and pray that he does but if he doesn't I wouldn't change a thing about that day and the nice people of beach city and surrounding areas that we met!
More pictures to come soon from my friend Shelly Lambert of Illuminate Lambert!

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shellandjim said...

Such a great story! Love the picture of Emily and her Daddy!!!!

What great memories you are all making......soon with brother V in the middle of it all!!
Love ya friend,