Mar 28, 2012

A New Lifestyle......

I have been reading the book "Eating Clean for Dummies" and boy is it an eye opener!  There are some things in there that I had no clue about.....some things in there are just plain scary.  And to think....I have been feeding my myself, my husband and most of all my kids that stuff....that CRAP!  The good thing is the book is over a thousand pages so I will be reading it for a while so it will keep me accountable! 
It has really got me thinking about how God gave me these four about to be five children and trusted me to do the best job I can do with them and this is one area I really have failed so far!  Thankful that He is a forgiving God!

I am on my third day of doing this.....I have only had three Diet DP's in three days.  I drink one in the morning to keep from getting a caffeine headache.  I really didn't even finish each one.  I have drank about 120 oz. of water in the last two days and already drank 20 oz. this morning!  WOW....that is huge for me!!! 

I haven't thrown everything out that is "bad" in my pantry but when it's gone it's gone.  With my boys that isn't taking long.  We are already out of those great frozen "chicken" biscuits they like to eat.  I know they will miss those things!!!!  LOL!

Yesterday they snacked on pretzels, bananas, and Emily loves craisins had Annie's organic whole wheat macaroni and cheese and we had organic spaghetti last night.  I actually has 12 points left over when going to bed last night but not from the lack of eating but just from my choices. 
I won't's not always easy and it's only been three days.  Our tradition that we have had for YEARS is to make chocolate chip cookies at night....not every night but a lot.  Marc loves them!  I am not going to stop that.....just not make them as much.....I made them last night and I did have ONE....just ONE!  As the book says it will take some time but when we are feeling better and healthier it will all be worth it!  AND most importantly, my kids will be better for it!!!!


Christy said...

Good for you! Baby steps so you don't get overwhelmed! Happy for you. A couple of other good books are The Makers Diet and I hear Forks over Knives is excellent.

Had and Linds said...

I think this is HUGE. Good for you! A little at a time is how it goes best too-- think of it as entitling yourself to eat well, not denying yourself anything. And, there are some awesome cookie recipes out there. Try zucchini, craisin, chocolate chip cookies-- you can cut WAY down on the sugar in recipes and use apple sauce instead of oil. I would you send you my recipes, but they're all gluten free because of my allergies!