Mar 13, 2012

Meet Your Candidate......

Meet my husband, who is running for Constable for Precinct 6, chambers county!
I know he will be an excellent Constable as he is a born leader and protector, not to mention a man of God. You won't be disappointed!

What does Marc do for a living besides law enforcement?
Marc has been fortunate to lead an industrial equipment and engineering company on the Houston ship channel for the past 12 years. Under his leadership, the company has experienced growth of over five hundred percent and continues to expand its presence along the entire Texas Gulf Coast. Marc is the first to pass any accolades along to others as you can often hear him state, “I might have had the vision and was the one to set the goal, but it takes a team to make it happen”.

Why did he decide to go into law enforcement?
After the attacks of 9/11, Marc had an overwhelming desire to serve his community. He enrolled in the University of Houston police academy attending night classes Monday through Friday for eight months, graduating as Honor Graduate, the most prestigious award given to an academy graduate. He takes his journey in law enforcement seriously and considers it “his calling” to serve his community in this way.
Over the past several years Marc has had several accomplishments in law enforcement. He was promoted to Sergeant and leads a team of officers. He also obtained a fire investigators license and currently holds an arson investigators license.

What is one thing that has made a huge impact in his life?

In July 2010, Marc and his son went to Haiti with a mission team after the country suffered a devastating earthquake. His life was so impacted by that experience and the gratitude of the Haitian people that he now serves as Vice Chairman of the Board of Brent Gambrell Ministries, a ministry located in Nashville, TN. Marc has since made numerous trips into Haiti and will continue to serve in the country for many years to come.
It was on that first trip where Marc fell in love with a little boy, Vensly, who had been given up by his parents. Their home had been destroyed; there were no jobs, and no possible means of providing for him. Marc inquired about the little boy and surprisingly learned that he had not been matched with an adoptive family yet. Marc called his wife from a satellite phone and told her about the little boy.  He should be home any day now!

I am so proud of my husband and I know that you will be to if you vote him for your constable!!!!

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