Mar 20, 2012

Dear Vensly,

I am sitting here on the very rainy day in March missing you like crazy!  Emily is taking her daily nap and everyone else is out of the house so it is very quiet so I decided to sit down and write to you on my blog and one day I know you will be here with me and we can read it together!  Your dad just returned from Haiti and visiting with you and I know that left you feeling very sad and I am so sorry for that.  We are working so hard to bring you home!  I pray we hear something this week!  I have really stepped up my praying today for your paperwork to be processed.  If we can get out of this one step this week then we are in the homestretch to get you home! 

I do praise God for what he has done in your little body.  I remember when Marc and Taylor first saw you and how very tiny you were!  You were just over a year old and only weighed about 13lbs.  They told us that you were so very sick when you came to the couldn't even swallow!  Since then you are healthy and a whoppin' 24lbs!  That is great for your little frame!  You are healthy and love to eat when we are there!  Cookies are your favorite.  You are my son!!!  I love cookies too!!  I thank God all the time for sending Marc to Haiti and in that room where you were being checked over by the nurse.  Mommy and Daddy love you very much and so do your brothers and sister.  Now, let me warn you....your sister is very possessive of Dad and I but I know that after about a day she will be your second mother!  I can't wait for will love her and I know that you will want to be just like Jesse, as Noah and Taylor are older but will be your protectors, and you and Emily will be the best of friends and do everything together!  I am praying for you son, everyday!  I pray that the Lord gave you a peace last weekend as your daddy left you again....a peace in knowing that we will be back and I pray that it's the last time and that you will go home with us!  I love you my sweet boy!

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Christy said...

Praying with you! Can't wait for him to be home with y'all.