Mar 9, 2012


I know that some change is good, and I know that change has to happen sometimes but I also know that I don't always like it! One BIG change that has happened in our family is Marc's parents moving to Alabama. My father in law retired from Bayer after working there 30 something years and two days later they moved to AL to help take care of my mother in law's parents. That is an honorable thing to do and I hope my kids would do that for me one day but the selfish part of me is sad! I am sad that we can't just jump in the car on Saturday and pick them up to go to whatever we have planned for the day. I am sad that they can't just come to dinner tonight or we can't go eat her yummy dinners. I am sad that Marc's mom is not here to rub his back ALL THE TIME! I am sad that Papaw and Emily won't take a walk this weekend. I am happy though that my kids have great grandparents that they love very much and that they have SO many great memories with them. As you can see in the picture Papaw has been "walking" with his grand kids for a really long time! I am happy that we will make new memories in the country with them and that the walks in the neighborhood or outside a restaurant will be walks in the woods. I have really thought today that I had taken for granted the time we had with them living "down the street". Our family has been through a lot but I know that no matter where we live we are family and love each other very much!

Another change that we have coming up is with Taylor. After being in a private Christian school since K5 we have decided to let him try public school. This is scary for us since BCA is all he has ever known. I would love for him to graduate from there but his Dad and I and Taylor have prayed about it and talked about it a lot and decided to give it a try. I feel as God has given me a peace about it and reminded me that Taylor is a good boy that makes wise decisions and chooses good friends. I pray that we have raised him well enough to follow the right path...I have faith that he will! He has three REALLY good friends that go there and they are very excited for him to join them at their school. I know he will miss his friends....the ones that are staying.....and if he chooses to go back his Dad and I will let him!

Noah and Jesse will both be attending BCA next year....Jesse in the 2nd grade and Noah in the 5th. They are both so excited! Especially Noah...he misses his friends so much and Jesse will make new ones. That is his strong suit!!

Emily will be in her school two days a week which will leave two days a week for just me and Vensly to bond, cuddle, play, cry, whatever he wants to do!!!

Wow...that's a lot! No wonder I have been emotional today!! :)

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