Mar 28, 2012

A New Lifestyle......

I have been reading the book "Eating Clean for Dummies" and boy is it an eye opener!  There are some things in there that I had no clue about.....some things in there are just plain scary.  And to think....I have been feeding my myself, my husband and most of all my kids that stuff....that CRAP!  The good thing is the book is over a thousand pages so I will be reading it for a while so it will keep me accountable! 
It has really got me thinking about how God gave me these four about to be five children and trusted me to do the best job I can do with them and this is one area I really have failed so far!  Thankful that He is a forgiving God!

I am on my third day of doing this.....I have only had three Diet DP's in three days.  I drink one in the morning to keep from getting a caffeine headache.  I really didn't even finish each one.  I have drank about 120 oz. of water in the last two days and already drank 20 oz. this morning!  WOW....that is huge for me!!! 

I haven't thrown everything out that is "bad" in my pantry but when it's gone it's gone.  With my boys that isn't taking long.  We are already out of those great frozen "chicken" biscuits they like to eat.  I know they will miss those things!!!!  LOL!

Yesterday they snacked on pretzels, bananas, and Emily loves craisins had Annie's organic whole wheat macaroni and cheese and we had organic spaghetti last night.  I actually has 12 points left over when going to bed last night but not from the lack of eating but just from my choices. 
I won't's not always easy and it's only been three days.  Our tradition that we have had for YEARS is to make chocolate chip cookies at night....not every night but a lot.  Marc loves them!  I am not going to stop that.....just not make them as much.....I made them last night and I did have ONE....just ONE!  As the book says it will take some time but when we are feeling better and healthier it will all be worth it!  AND most importantly, my kids will be better for it!!!!

Mar 20, 2012

Dear Vensly,

I am sitting here on the very rainy day in March missing you like crazy!  Emily is taking her daily nap and everyone else is out of the house so it is very quiet so I decided to sit down and write to you on my blog and one day I know you will be here with me and we can read it together!  Your dad just returned from Haiti and visiting with you and I know that left you feeling very sad and I am so sorry for that.  We are working so hard to bring you home!  I pray we hear something this week!  I have really stepped up my praying today for your paperwork to be processed.  If we can get out of this one step this week then we are in the homestretch to get you home! 

I do praise God for what he has done in your little body.  I remember when Marc and Taylor first saw you and how very tiny you were!  You were just over a year old and only weighed about 13lbs.  They told us that you were so very sick when you came to the couldn't even swallow!  Since then you are healthy and a whoppin' 24lbs!  That is great for your little frame!  You are healthy and love to eat when we are there!  Cookies are your favorite.  You are my son!!!  I love cookies too!!  I thank God all the time for sending Marc to Haiti and in that room where you were being checked over by the nurse.  Mommy and Daddy love you very much and so do your brothers and sister.  Now, let me warn you....your sister is very possessive of Dad and I but I know that after about a day she will be your second mother!  I can't wait for will love her and I know that you will want to be just like Jesse, as Noah and Taylor are older but will be your protectors, and you and Emily will be the best of friends and do everything together!  I am praying for you son, everyday!  I pray that the Lord gave you a peace last weekend as your daddy left you again....a peace in knowing that we will be back and I pray that it's the last time and that you will go home with us!  I love you my sweet boy!

Mar 13, 2012

Meet Your Candidate......

Meet my husband, who is running for Constable for Precinct 6, chambers county!
I know he will be an excellent Constable as he is a born leader and protector, not to mention a man of God. You won't be disappointed!

What does Marc do for a living besides law enforcement?
Marc has been fortunate to lead an industrial equipment and engineering company on the Houston ship channel for the past 12 years. Under his leadership, the company has experienced growth of over five hundred percent and continues to expand its presence along the entire Texas Gulf Coast. Marc is the first to pass any accolades along to others as you can often hear him state, “I might have had the vision and was the one to set the goal, but it takes a team to make it happen”.

Why did he decide to go into law enforcement?
After the attacks of 9/11, Marc had an overwhelming desire to serve his community. He enrolled in the University of Houston police academy attending night classes Monday through Friday for eight months, graduating as Honor Graduate, the most prestigious award given to an academy graduate. He takes his journey in law enforcement seriously and considers it “his calling” to serve his community in this way.
Over the past several years Marc has had several accomplishments in law enforcement. He was promoted to Sergeant and leads a team of officers. He also obtained a fire investigators license and currently holds an arson investigators license.

What is one thing that has made a huge impact in his life?

In July 2010, Marc and his son went to Haiti with a mission team after the country suffered a devastating earthquake. His life was so impacted by that experience and the gratitude of the Haitian people that he now serves as Vice Chairman of the Board of Brent Gambrell Ministries, a ministry located in Nashville, TN. Marc has since made numerous trips into Haiti and will continue to serve in the country for many years to come.
It was on that first trip where Marc fell in love with a little boy, Vensly, who had been given up by his parents. Their home had been destroyed; there were no jobs, and no possible means of providing for him. Marc inquired about the little boy and surprisingly learned that he had not been matched with an adoptive family yet. Marc called his wife from a satellite phone and told her about the little boy.  He should be home any day now!

I am so proud of my husband and I know that you will be to if you vote him for your constable!!!!

Mar 10, 2012

New Projects and some Goodwill finds......

These are a few centerpieces I have made lately. The black box I bought at hobby lobby for $12 and the little white vase in the milk basket was $2 at goodwill. I love both of them! My mom gave me the green hydrangeas and the "mason" type jars are actually spaghetti sauce jars. The lids I spray painted with chalkboard paint.

Lately, I have been into white, white dishes, white vases, white plates, white birds, anything white! So here are a few things I have gotten lately....The flowers I got at goodwill today....they were 4.99 which was a little high but they really look real and I would have paid a whole lot more at Hobby Lobby.   Not sure what I will put in the little vase but for .99 I thought it was cute!  The pitcher that the flowers are in I won at bunco and it was really bright colors so I spray painted it white, the rest are all from Goodwill bought at different times!

I ALMOST broke down yesterday and ordered the boys and Emily an Easter basket from PB kids but then just couldn't bring myself to pay that much. Those that know me know that I am cheap! I bought the three baskets in the picture and am going to paint them and do them up myself for their Easter baskets!  I paid $1.99 each and already have the spray paint.  The "silver" trays in the picture are going to be used to make a cupcake stand.  I paid .99 for them!  I am going to spray paint them too and glue them on the candle sticks.  The bunny was 2.99 and is for Emily's room after I use it for my Easter mantle.  The "E" was .89, the frame .89, and the candle holders were 1.99 and will be used for the cupcake stand!  After pictures coming soon!!!

Stay tuned for another post tomorrow with what I have been doing in the kitchen! It's a job!!!!!

Mar 9, 2012


I know that some change is good, and I know that change has to happen sometimes but I also know that I don't always like it! One BIG change that has happened in our family is Marc's parents moving to Alabama. My father in law retired from Bayer after working there 30 something years and two days later they moved to AL to help take care of my mother in law's parents. That is an honorable thing to do and I hope my kids would do that for me one day but the selfish part of me is sad! I am sad that we can't just jump in the car on Saturday and pick them up to go to whatever we have planned for the day. I am sad that they can't just come to dinner tonight or we can't go eat her yummy dinners. I am sad that Marc's mom is not here to rub his back ALL THE TIME! I am sad that Papaw and Emily won't take a walk this weekend. I am happy though that my kids have great grandparents that they love very much and that they have SO many great memories with them. As you can see in the picture Papaw has been "walking" with his grand kids for a really long time! I am happy that we will make new memories in the country with them and that the walks in the neighborhood or outside a restaurant will be walks in the woods. I have really thought today that I had taken for granted the time we had with them living "down the street". Our family has been through a lot but I know that no matter where we live we are family and love each other very much!

Another change that we have coming up is with Taylor. After being in a private Christian school since K5 we have decided to let him try public school. This is scary for us since BCA is all he has ever known. I would love for him to graduate from there but his Dad and I and Taylor have prayed about it and talked about it a lot and decided to give it a try. I feel as God has given me a peace about it and reminded me that Taylor is a good boy that makes wise decisions and chooses good friends. I pray that we have raised him well enough to follow the right path...I have faith that he will! He has three REALLY good friends that go there and they are very excited for him to join them at their school. I know he will miss his friends....the ones that are staying.....and if he chooses to go back his Dad and I will let him!

Noah and Jesse will both be attending BCA next year....Jesse in the 2nd grade and Noah in the 5th. They are both so excited! Especially Noah...he misses his friends so much and Jesse will make new ones. That is his strong suit!!

Emily will be in her school two days a week which will leave two days a week for just me and Vensly to bond, cuddle, play, cry, whatever he wants to do!!!

Wow...that's a lot! No wonder I have been emotional today!! :)

Update on Vensly.......

Alot of you have been asking "how much longer", "why does it take so long", "seems like you have been waiting forever", and many more questions! Believe me, I feel like I have been waiting forever!!! I really don't know how much longer and I really don't know why it takes so long! I wish I knew all these things!!! I do know that I miss him SO much my heart hurts! I am ready to get him here, get him adjusted and just do all the little things that a three year old boy needs his mommy and daddy to do! He doesn't care about any toys he may get, or his bed, or vacations, or happy meals! All he needs is US! To love him, hold him, hug him, give him kisses and pray with him!
As far as the process, we really are at the end! We are with a great agency that works as hard as they possibly can to get them home. They can only do so much though! We are in MOI....minister of interior....which approves him for a passport, then the passport is issued and then Visa from the US so he can come home. His birth parents have to be interviewed before that can happen though. I pray they can find them and that gets done ASAP!
We just need everyone to pray us OUT OF MOI!!!!! Then we are in the home stretch!
Thank you to all my friends and family that have prayed for's so appreciated!

Mar 8, 2012


I am adding another "chip-in" for anyone that would like to contribute towards another basket that I will make to have auctioned off at the Brent Gambrell Ministries annual dinner and auction!
Marc and I worked a few hours on Saturday applying for donations and it is so neat to see them being approved! You guys can't imagine how your money is used to help the people of Haiti. If you could just spend ONE day there it would change your life!

Any amount will help....$5, $10, all adds up! (If you are an adoptive parent please use the chip-in labeled for that so I can keep it all seperate!)


Mar 5, 2012

Brent Gambrell Ministries Adoptive Families Basket.....

I am so excited that so many of you guys have said you would like to chip-in on the basket for the auction! The proceeds from our basket and the other auction items will be used to help BGM continue their efforts in Haiti.
If you haven't checked out their website PLEASE do.....and if you haven't ever been on a missions trip they are a great ministry to go with! It will change your life!
If you want to "chip in" just click below and you can do that!!! It's VERY appreciated!!!!