Feb 13, 2012

Marriage Monday- Love Worth Fighting For.....

Saturday night Marc and I along with some really good friends went to a marriage event with Kirk Cameron, from the sitcom Growing Pains and the movie Fireproof. He was great! He talked about so many things....most I had heard before and already know but some things were new to us. He talked a lot to husbands because of course that is what he knows the best. One thing he did say that really hit me was honoring your wife....or in my case my husband! I wondered that night if I do honor my husband? I mean the way God would want me to?
He talked about honoring your spouse at all times....with your friends, with your family, at work, everywhere. He said an example would be if you guys are at work and the other guys are talking about women in a way that they really shouldn't be then when you sit there and listen or laugh you are DIS-honoring your wife. NOW....let me say....I have been around women talking about other men and I didn't leave the conversation so in turn I dishonored my hubby! It's not just men! My husband and I were talking about it yesterday and I told him I bet if we did what Kirk said and said to them "I am leaving this conversation as this is dishonorable to my wife/husband". It would take just ONE TIME......it would be so shocking to the other parties that I bet you wouldn't have to do it again anytime soon! I say shocking because we as humans don't do those kind of things but if we truely believe the Bible and what He has to say about marriage then we would do more of those shocking things! I don't know about you but I want a Biblical marriage more than anything in the world. My family will be better off for it too!
At the end of the speaking there was a prayer time and lots of couples went up for Kirk to pray with them or over them and I wondered how many couples were where we were five years ago at Weekend to Remember, which is another great marriage conference. We were days away from divorce when that conference changed our life!
Warren Barfield sings the theme song for Fireproof and it's called Love Worth Fighting For....my love and marriage is worth fighting for....what about yours?
As Warren says...I ask that God send his angels to gaurd the door so that no one leaves our marriage! He also talks about a time he almost left and would have changed his family tree....I immediately thought about Emily and Vensly and thanked God for gaurding our door many times so that we were able to add to our tree! Thank you God for that!
I continue to pray that everyday........

You really should google "Love Worth Fighting For" with Kirk Cameron and Warren Barfield to find out if and when they will be in your area and you and your husband need to go!!!!! It's worth the few hours you will spend.

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