Feb 6, 2012

The Campaign and a V update!

As my little boy Jesse says...."it's really wierd to be driving through the neighborhood and see Daddy's name everywhere!" I agree but I couldn't be more proud of him!
I am proud that he is a man of integrity and will continue to be whether he is elected or not!
We are new to all of this political stuff and frankly, I am not real good at it! I am not very thick skinned. Not that anything has happened....just sometimes hear say can be hurtful or bothersome!
I know that if any voter sat down with Marc for five minutes he would have their vote and friendship! I have never known him to set a goal and not accomplish it and go above and beyond!
I know that if he wins this election that he will be the best Constable that Precint 6 has ever had!
If you live in Cove, Beach City, or Baytown 146 please check the map and see if you live in his area and read all about him and most importantly VOTE!!!!! You can click on the "vote" icon to the side and it will take you to his facebook page....go like it!
Click here for his website!

UPDATE on Vensly.....
I still haven't written about my trip to much. It was a difficult one at times and I am not sure if I will share it or not! I am praying a LOT for my boy and we just really need him to come home soon!
We entered into MOI with a few other families on Monday the 16th of January and those families are all out but for some reason we are not! I am praying we are this week. THEN we just need a passport and visa and he will be home!!!!!!
SO, if you feel led to pray for him here are his needs.....

Peace in his heart.....(this is a big one!)
Happiness......(he is not always the happiest little boy! :( )
Health.....(he was acutally pretty healthy but I want him to stay that way!)

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