Jan 5, 2012

What would you do?

I mentioned in my last post that we visited another church last Sunday evening and during that visit I noticed a fairly young man sitting in the back of the church. He looked very tired.....his skin was VERY weathered from the sun and his hands were very beat up....like he has worked very hard with them. He was a nice looking man but I am certain was probably homeless or close to being homeless. He sat alone for about 20 minutes as people were coming in for the service and during that time I noticed he just stared straight ahead and had really BIG tears in his eyes. I prayed for him right then...but from my seat and didn't dare let him know I was "staring". I was worried about him and felt very sorry for him. BUT...I am embarassed to say....it stopped right there. After the 20 minutes or maybe even less passed I noticed a man get up from his seat by his wife and go over to the gentleman.....he talked to him for a minute or so and then just sat next to him the rest of the service. Later I noticed another man standing up next to him with his hand on the man's shoulder as if he was praying over him but also just letting him know that he was not alone. WOW....that is what a church should do! That is what we should all do!
Marc even asked me if I thought that would happen at our church and I thought to myself "I hope so"...but I am not sure as our church is big, and crowded and I am afraid that people like that are getting lost in our congregation.
I know as a women I probably couldn't have comforted him like a man but how many women are at our church hurting and wanting someone to reach out to them or just simply pray for them?
I really want to be that person....that person that leaves the comfort of sitting with my husband in church to find that person hurting that may need my prayers or just my hand on their shoulder that morning or evening!
What would you have done? Are you one of those people?


Kelli Going said...

Wow Lesley I'm really not sure what I would have done. I do see people and pray for them. I have only gotten up once that I recall to pray with someone in need. I new this person though so I feel it is different but I felt I did what God would have wanted me to do. I pray that if we see a person in need we will follow Gods call to be His arms and feet. I pray we are not paralyzed with fleshy fear. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Mrs.HappySteak said...

I think that is amazing, and tonit I say a prayer for strength for you to be able to help someone in your church and for this man who was hurting so