Jan 25, 2012

Small Groups.....

A while back I told you guys that Marc finally gave in to our small group pastor and decided to lead a small group. They try to limit the groups to 20 and as of today we have 26! Wow......how exciting!

I have been trying to catch up on past sermons from our church that we have missed and the one I listened to on Saturday was on other things that were great but also the importance of small groups.

I still remember our first time going to small group. We were both nervous to walk into a house where we didn't know anyone. NO ONE! The couple we did know weren't able to make it that night. We had a great meeting that night and that was the start of life long friendships! One couple has moved but are still our best friends and another couple is still in small group with us and are some of our best friends. We then became part of another group that at one point was almost all adoptive families. That was really neat and we still love every one of them and it was hard to leave but we fell like this is what God wants us to do!

My point to all of this is that if you just have to take that leap and I promise you that you won't regret it. And as Tommy says, if they are weird you just find another group next semester!! LOL!

Believe me and I say this from experience....the leaders are not perfect, in fact, we are about as human and it gets. We let life get in the way and don't read our Bible like we should, we have our share of life issues and have HAD some serious marital problems that we worked through and came out stronger and better because of it and mainly because of our involvement with our small group!

If you live in our area and are interested in finding a group for you so to Secondbaytown.org and find one! Even if it says full and you think you want to be in that group email the leader and ask!

Flashback photo....our first small group Christmas party! The kids amaze me! Joseph..the one in the back with longer hair is about to go into the air force and Taylor, Nicholas and Thomas are all about to be Juniors in High school! Time flies but I have loved doing life with these people since 2007!

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Karen H TX said...

OMG!! Flashback is right!!! It's been great fun :)